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A Glass Act
When Kathy Kaperick was growing up she lacked anyone in her life to give her direction -- much less inspiration. All that changed when she met Dale Chihuly. Now Kaperick is director of an innovative program designed to make a difference in the lives of young people. Modeled on the successful Hilltop Artists-in-Residence program she and Chihuly founded in Tacoma, Washington, a new studio which opened in May 1999 in Taos, New Mexico, is yet another effort to show young people there is a better path in life than toward drugs and violence.
Allan Houser, a biographical tribute
Born in 1914 in Apache, Oklahoma, ALLAN HOUSER was to become one of the 20th Century's most important artists. Allan's parents, Sam and Blossom Haozous, were Warm Springs Chiricahua Apaches held as prisoners of war at Fort Sill in Oklahoma. Allan was instilled with a strong sense of history and cultural heritage. He was also gifted with a facility for drawing and an interest in art.
Art by Oktalonli
"Oktalonli was a finalist in the 47th Annual Trail of Tears Art Competition in May of 1998, and is moving up in the Art World. She is now the "Featured Artist of the Month" at the Koshare Indian Museum in La Junta, Colo. for June 1999. Her work is inspired by legends, stories and dancers.
Artwork by Enoch Kelly Haney
For 25 years, Enoch Kelly Haney has brought the finest quality Native American art to the public. Now this Master Artist of the Five Civilized Tribes works are available through this website.
Cal Nez Designs
Cal Nez, Navajo, Tachiinii Clan born for the Tanaszanii Clan originally from Tocito New Mexico
Dallas Chief Eagle-Millennium Artist
View a video of Dallas Chief Eagle performing at the Kennedy Center
Dana Tiger
"By drawing on the strength of the women of my Creek Indian ancestry, I am better able to portray the dignity and determination of contemporary women."
David Boxley - Tsimshian Eagle Native Woodcarving
Welcome. On these pages, you will be introduced to some of the work of David Boxley, an internationally recognized Northwest Coast Native artist and culture bearer. David primarily produces his artwork on a commission basis, and has accepted commissions from organizations, individuals, companies and govermental bodies.
Duane Maktima Gallery
Excellence is a standard of Duane Maktima's original works. An accomplished and award winning jeweler of over 26 years, ensures quality and integrity that has come through years of experience.
Gene Gonzales
Gene Gonzales was born in the City of Angels (LA) and raised in beautiful downtown Burbank. Throughout his life he has demonstrated a desire to draw on just about any piece of paper he could get his hands on. In fifth grade he met someone who introduced him to the idea of drawing comic books.
George Catlin
George Catlin (1796-1872) grew up in Pennsylvania listening to stories told by his mother of her captivity at the age of seven by Iroquois Indians. His fascination with Indians eventually led him to several explorations into the wilderness to investigate the land and the peoples who lived there.
Kevin Locke
Kevin Locke (Tokeya Inajin is his Lakota name, meaning "The First to Arise") is known throughout the world as a visionary Hoop Dancer, the preeminent player of the indigenous Northern Plains flute, a traditional storyteller, cultural ambassador, recording artist and educator.
L. David Eveningthunder
L. David Eveningthunder spent his early childhood on the Shoshone-Bannock Reservation in Fort Hall, Idaho. The spiritual guidance he received from his father and grandfather, both medicine people, helped him maintain his identity even after he became orphaned at a young age and was taken away from his people.
Native American Women Photographers As Storytellers
For Native American women photographers, identity is expressed in many ways
Rance Hood
Rance Hood is one the few Native American artists who still paints in the manner which echoes the tradional Indian culture and spirituality of the past that has been drastically changed by the modern world.
Roy Talahaftewa
Born in the village of Shungopovi August 25, 1955, and the youngest of 2 brothers and 5 sisters, Roy Talahaftewa likes making jewelry as well as any job he has ever had. Roy credits his mother for her encouragement and influence for helping him find success in his own talent.
Sam English
Sam English gallery online
Sundance Traditional Fine Arts-Joe Geshick
Ojibway artist Joe Geshick’s paintings of traditional Indian ceremonies represent a kind of personal thanksgiving.
Urshel Taylor
"I started to paint at about the age of 14 or 15. I mostly paint Northern Traditional Dancers and other Native American images. I also do a lot of sculpture in bronze or wood, but my first choice is painting.
Waterbird Creations
Waterbird Creations (via the First Nations site) is proud to bring to Indian Country, the original/copyrighted decal artwork of Charlie Silverwater
Waterbird Creations
CHARLIE SILVERWATER Mescalero/Chiricahua
Original American Indian Artwork

Welcome to the home page of Alaskan Native artist Teri Rofkar
My Tlingit lineage links me with my Alaskan Native ancestors who have been weaving baskets and ceremonial regalia on this coast for thousands of years. Some of the trees I visit are several hundreds of years old; they have known my family for many generations. The "Tree People" have helped me in my journey as a weaver. In the Tlingit culture we recognize that not only people, but animals, plants, objects and places all have spirits

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Arts Organizations
Ableza is a Native American Arts and Film Institute in San Jose, CA, with branch offices in Santa Barbara and Calistoga, CA. We are dedicated to promoting, preserving and protecting traditional and contemporary arts by Native American Peoples.
Aboriginal Talent Directory 
Welcome to the on-line version of the Aboriginal Broadcast Talent Directory, a database of Aboriginal people working in the film and television industry including producers, directors, writers and technicians.
Aboriginal Voices
Aboriginal Voices magazine is now in its eighth year of publishing news and perspectives about the lives and experiences of Native Peoples in North America.
Alaska Indian Arts
Alaska Indian Arts is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the art and culture of the Northwest Coast Indian tribes. Alaska Indian Arts is also the headquarters for several of Alaska's outstanding craftsmen and artisans.

AMERICAN INDIAN REPERTORY THEATRE - Creating American Indian Theatre for the 21st Century
The American Indian Repertory Theatre is a non-profit American Indian theatre production company with the purpose of providing an American Indian theatre experience for Native and non-Native audiences. The company is dedicated to telling the stories that have come to us from our ancestors and to telling the stories of a vibrant contemporary American Indian culture. The company was founded by former members of the Haskell Indian Nations University Thunderbird Theatre to provide a professional American Indian theatre which will make quality American Indian theatre productions available nationally and internationally.

California Indian Basket Weaver's Association
The purpose of the California Indian Basketweavers Association is to preserve, promote and perpetuate California Indian basketweaving traditions.
Canadian Aboriginal Festival
The Canadian Aboriginal Festival is a multi-faceted event. It is Canada's largest Aboriginal festival and one of Toronto's most successful festivals. It is an exciting and welcoming event for Aboriginal people, all Canadians, and tourists from afar.
Center Records
Native American Recordings: Center Records presents Joseph Flying Bye, The Night is Sacred, Lakota Ceremonial Pipe Songs for Future Generations
Four Directions Talent
Due to the tremendous success of last year's Four Directions Talent Search, the Oneida Nation and NBC are expanding this year's search, offering American Indian and First Nations comedians a chance to audition at one of 15 venues across the United States and Canada.
Institute of American Indian Art
The IAIA was founded by visionaries who sought to reawaken artistic traditions that had been a primary mode of Indian expression for centuries. As the first Indian educational institution to be premised on the value of the cultural heritage of America's Native peoples, self-identity and individual expression were encouraged, and the contemporary arts were taught as a vehicle for that expression.
Makoche Recording Company
The Native American Music Awards
A new music movement is on the rise and it's being lead by the country's FirstAmericans - Native American Musicians. Now successfully infiltrating every popular music genre from pop and rock, rap and country to new age and the truest of alter-native, the time has come to celebrate the best of Native American music with the First Annual Native American Music Awards.
The Recording Academy
As the GRAMMY® Awards celebrate their 43rd annual ceremony, the Recording Academy continues its rich legacy and ongoing growth as the premier outlet for honoring achievements in the recording arts and supporting the music community.
Southwest Native American Promotions
Southwest Native American Promotions (SWNAP) is owned by Emerson H. Quannie, Hopi of the Patki (Water) Clan from Northern Arizona. He established SWNAP in 1994 to promote art venues for Native American artists in the southwest.
The purpose of SWNAP is to make these art venues successful for all who participate. SWNAP is dedicated to the promotion and education of Native American and Southwestern artists and their art to the general public and its patrons. Participating artists in SWNAP art venues are well-known artists for their art with many award winners at other prestigious art venues, such as the Santa Fe Indian Market (SWAIA) and Heard Museum Indian Market. Many of the artists also participate in the annual Pueblo Grande Museum Art Show.
The Southwestern Association for Indian Arts, Inc.
The Southwestern Association for Indian Arts, Inc. (SWAIA) is a not-for-profit organization established in 1922 to support and preserve American Indian cultures. SWAIA was formed at the request of Pueblo leaders, who asked local influential citizens to help Pueblo Indians retain their threatened land and water rights. SWAIA has evolved with the needs of Indian people and continues today in the form of educational programs and art- oriented events that encourage cultural preservation, intercultural understanding, and economic opportunities for American Indians through excellence in the arts.
Spirits of the North Gallery of Tribal, Indian, Aboriginal, and Inuit Art
We offer an extensive collection of finely carved ceremonial masks, totem poles, ceremonial bowls, carved wall plaques, rattles, bentwood boxes, and talking sticks, along with prints and paintings by renowned artists. The gallery also offers a selection of gold, silver and argillite jewelry. We are presently displaying works by not only the prominent and well-established Northwest coast native artist, but also many of the talented younger generation.
Sundance Film Festival
Founded by Robert Redford and dedicated to the development of artists of independent vision and the exhibition of their new work, the Sundance Institute is celebrating its 20th Anniversary in 2001.
Welcome to Spirit Wrestler Gallery
The gallery is located in the former Alhambra Hotel building at 8 Water Street, in historic Gastown. The Alhambra was built on the site of Gassy Jack Deighton's second saloon after the fire of 1886, which destroyed the city of Vancouver. This is the oldest brick building in Vancouver and was constructed from the bricks that served as ballast for the ships calling at Hastings Mills for timber.
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