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We as a Nation seem to be losing our heritage. For instance, how many of you know that November is American Indian month? And why isn't it celebrated on television? How any of our children can speak their native tongue? How many of our young could make their own clothing or hunt for their food?
This web site is a current, present day effort to share some of these teachings and accurate knowledge of our culture and way of life with those of you out there who may wish to learn more. We sincerely hope that you join us, learn with us and enjoy our site. Miigwech!
The American Ethnic Cookbook for Students By MARK H. ZANGER
The only cookbook with 2-6 recipes from each of 122 American Ethnic Groups
Arg! Animated Gifs
Coyotes Corner
very cool stuff for the world
For Friendship
Welcome to - your place for friendship on the web! A Friend is someone who drives away the clouds and brings a smile to our lives. So reach out & send a lovely friendship greeting card to your dear friend & celebrate this special bond you share !
Galactic Hitchhiker Resource
The Galactic Hitchhiker Resource to you as it was created for use by all sentient beings after being inspired by the Hitchhiker*s Guide To The Galaxy . SHARE AND ENJOY
The Native American Community of Kansas City
We do our best to provide resources for all Native people from around the continent. We are sure our national exposure will grow and we hope you enjoy our new sections on the website.
Our NEW address is
Native Pride Arts
We celebrate the spirit and beauty of Indigenous peoples! We honor the uniqueness and history of First Nations including Sac and Fox Tribe of Meskwaki Nation, Lakota Nation of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, Ojibwe, Dakota, Menominee, Cree, Ho-Chunk, Dine’(Navajo) and various other tribes.
As individual artists, we join together as one! We honor our elders through many beautiful forms like music, dance and storytelling to reflect our rich cultural history and customs passed down from generation to generation. We share the true history of bravery, fortitude, generosity and wisdom.
Laguna Middle School
Laguna Middle School is owned and operated by the Pueblo of Laguna Indian tribe, under the auspices of its own Department of Education. The school serves approximately 200 students in grades 6, 7, and 8. LMS is located on the Pueblo of Laguna Indian reservation, approximately 50 miles west of Albuquerque, New Mexico.
LCO School
Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe School, shall endeavor to provide its youth a comprehensive, bilingual and bicultural community based education environment, an environment designed to incorporate the wisdom and beauty of the Ojibwe heritage along with the knowledge and skills of our modern technological society.
Mahkato Annual Traditional Wacipi - Honoring the 38 Dakota
Please Join Us For Our 30th Annual Celebration
September 20, 21, & 22, 2002
Dakota Wokiksuye Makoce (Land of Memories Park)
Mankato, Minnesota
The Native American Association of Germany e.V.
NAAoG goals to provide a meeting point for Native Americans living or temporarily stationed by US Military in Europe. Ideally, the meeting point provides Native Americans the opportunity to continue or build relationship with other Native Americans in the Europe-area. The NAAoG organizes meetings for Native Americans; arranges pow-wows; supports Native Americans throughout their activities during the federally recognized “National American Indian Heritage Month” during November.
Native American Genealogy
We now have pages up on Cherokee, Choctaw, Lakota with lots more coming for Native American Genealogy. We are hoping to build sites for all the different Indian Nations as time progresses. Since there is such a great interest in Cherokee families and I have done a lot of work on those lines I thought that we would try something different and add some files. The first of them was Nancy Wards so Sequoyah is next.

Native Tours
Welcome to Native Tours, your Guide to the Indigenous Communities of North America
News By Noah
News by Noah is dedicated to the American Indians who struggle to preserve the Indian culture. It is an invaluable site to those who would like to know more about the American Indians past and present. At the present time, we are only including Federally recognized peoples and Nations of the United States.
Peace Party
Peace Party takes you back to the comic books of the old days, where the story had as much weight as the drawings. They went hand in hand as they took the reader through the struggles the superheroes were going through without the cursing, sex and violence which is mainstream in today's society.
Hello, my name is Victor Rocha and if I offend anyone with my opinions, bad grammar or free-style punctuation I apologize in advance.......I spend a lot of time maintaining this web site and keeping the information current because these are the issues that affect me, my family, and my tribe (The Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians from Temecula, California)...
Keepers of the Sacred Tradition of Pipemakers
We believe in our hearts that we have organized to protect the Great Pipestone Quarries of Minnesota from exploitation or ownership by any one specific tribe or group of people who may try to inflict their own personal beliefs on others. The art form of pipemaking has been practiced by tribal people for over a thousand years.
Red Lake Elementary
This page is dedicated to the work and accomplishments of the students attending: Red Lake Elementary School
Remember Wounded Knee
("Remember Wounded Knee")
Rez Express
Most of the Native People you will meet today are just as much a part of the mainstream as you are. They walk in the ways of the Ancestors, and carry that walk with pride. You will find most them to be quiet and truthful.... you will know them by their walk.
Richard Dean Cook " Telling Bird " Eastern Cherokee Artist & Writer
Born in 1949 to a Full Blooded Eastern(Carolina) Cherokee Father and a Swiss/German Mother, I was a writer of verse first. After an accident in 1987, which ended my Navy career and left me with hands that didn't work, I sought out a way to make my hands work. Art became my physical therapy and today I have Paintings in Galleries and in private collections throughout the world.
Rosebud Elementary School
Santee Sioux School Homepage
The Indian people's wishes were finally realized in 1976, when a school was built at Santee. At first limited to kindergarten through eighth grade, it subsequently added a four-year high school. It was financed by a $2.1 million federal grant. Although the school is of the most modern design, with sky lights and carpeting, the traditions and heritage of the Santee have not been forgotten. A mural in the school depicts the history of the Santee.
Sound of America Record Distributors
Since 1989, Sound of America Record Distributors has been bringing you the best sounds from Indian America. From Traditional, to Pow-Wow, to Contemporary, we have it all!
The Spike
Premier newsletter for American Indian events on the East Coast
Stonee's WebLodge
I've finally gotten around to updating my website with lots of new lores and art. I hope you will enjoy all of these. Coming soon I hope to have a little contest for those of you who wish to challenge your Native American history. Also I'm still out there on the road and still find it hard to reply to all emails, but I will try to answer all that I find the time for. As always Thanks for visiting us here at the Storytellers WebLodge, now go enjoy yourself.
Turtle Trax
A Page Devoted to Marine Turtles
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