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April 3, 2004 - Issue 110


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The Indian Priest
Father Philip B. Gordon

by Paula Delfeld
credits: submitted by Timm Severud (Ondamitag)




John Baptiste Gaudin or Guerdon Born in Trois Rivieres, Quebec and married at Mille Lacs to:
Their son was Antoine Gaudin (Paternal Grandfather)


Daniel Dingley who was married in 1825 to:
Mush-ko-dence (Isabelle La Prairie)
Their daughter was Sarah Dingley (Paternal Grandmother)


Wa-be-man-i-do who married
Their son was Nekinse (Maternal Grandfather)


Wap-i-ges who married
Their daughter was E-kwe-wish (Maternal Grandmother)



Antoine Gaudin (AKA Tony Gordon) Born January 10, 1812 at Sandy Lake, Minnesota married 1843 at La Pointe and died May 3, 1907 at Gordon, Wisconsin.

Sarah Dingley Born 1827 at the mouth of the Yellow River, Wisconsin married 1843 at La Pointe and died in Gordon, Wisconsin.
Their son was William Daniel Gordon (Father)


Nekinse married E-kwe-wish and both are buried near Old Post graves were unremoved and under the Chippewa Flowage
Their Daughter was A-te-ge-kwe (AKA Sarah Nekins (Nekinse)) (Mother)



William Daniel Gordon was born September 25, 1850 at La Pointe, Wisconsin, was married in 1874 in Gordon, Wisconsin, died June 15, 1943 in Gordon, Wisconsin.
  A-te-ge-kwe (AKA Sarah Nekins (Nekinse)) was born in 1859 at Lac Courte Oreilles, was married in 1874 in Gordon, Wisconsin, died March, 1940 in Gordon, Wisconsin

TI-BISH-KO-Gi-JIK (Father Philip Bergin Gordon) was born March 31, 1885 in Gordon, Wisconsin, was Ordained on December 13, 1913 in Superior, Wisconsin and died on October 1, 1948 in Centuria.


Numerous sources were used in research work for this book, some of the authentic facts and some just for background. Many people have been helpful.

The manuscript "Outline for Biography of a Chippewa Indian Priest," Loaned by the Chancery Office of the Superior Diocese, formed a guideline for the arrangement of the book. It is not entirely clear who wrote the outline, but it appears to me it was written by Father Gordon at the instigation of Fred Holmes and Dan Wallace, who planned to write a book about the priest. This book was never written. According to Paul Villaume, the men were all just too old to do the work.

Reverend Raymond L. Schoone of the Chancery Office, Superior, also furnished copies of correspondence between Father Gordon and church officials.

Much information was derived from Father Gordon's series in the Inter-County Leader, published by the Inter-County Publishing Association, at Frederic, Wisconsin. Bernice Abrahamzon, who is employed there, was indispensable in arranging time and making the files available to me.

Other sources of information and background were the following:
  • Hand written notes of Father Gordon (from Orrin McGrath),
  • "Gordon and the Gordon Family," and article written by Eldon Marple, Hayward, Wisconsin
  • "Antoine Gordon," a biographical sketch in Upper Lakes Region Commemorative Record.
  • Heirship approval, estate of Antoine Gordon.
  • Various church and ancestry records - Gordon, Bayfield, Long Lake, Reserve. Some of these supplied by Trudy Wolf, Stone Lake, and Orrin McGrath, North Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.
Interviews with people who knew Father Gordon:
  • Paul Villaume
  • Catherine Gordon McDonald
  • Mrs. Marie Mulvaney Hersant
  • Louis de Angelo
  • Edith Anderson
  • O.D. and Mrs. McGrath
  • Mrs. Joe Rogers
  • Charlie Turner
  • Katie Gohke
  • Scipio Wise
  • Charlie Coons
  • Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Reidner
  • Sinon Lynch
  • Benny Isham
  • Russell H. Johnson
Others who gave information:
  • Tony Wise
  • Warren Kirk
  • Trudy Wolf (Mrs. Burt Wolf)
The following libraries and librarians
  • Mary Ellen Braafaldt, Reference Librarian, Duluth Public Library
  • Mrs. Barbara Knotts, Superior Public Library
  • Carol Martinson, Reference Librarian, St. Paul Public Library
  • Minnesota Historical Library
  • Mrs. Leona Ryan, Archives Librarian, College of St. Thomas
  • Thomas R. Sykora and Captain H.C. Inches of the Great Lakes Historical Library
The following published books
  • Badger History
  • Cadot Family Stories
  • Centennial History of Gordon (Sent to me by John Love)
  • Curtis, Natalie, The Indian Book
  • Densmore, Frances, How Indians Use Wild Plant for Food
  • Dictionary of Wisconsin History
  • Gridley, Marion E., Indians of Today
  • Habig, Marion A., Heralds of the King: The Franciscans of St. Louis-Chicago Province, 1858-1958 (Furnished by Franciscan Herald Press)
  • History of the Catholic Church in America
  • History of the Great Lakes
  • Hoar, Col. W.G., History is Our Heritage
  • Kellogg, Louise Phelps, the Rise and Fall of Old Superior
  • Kinney, J.P., Indian Forest and Range
  • Purcell, William Gray, St. Croix Trail Country
  • Ritzenthaler, Robert E and Pat, The Woodland Indians of the Western Great Lakes
  • Stewart, Lillian Kimball, A Pioneer of Superior
  • The Wisconsin Magazine
  • Wisconsin Magazine of History
  • The Wisconsin Story
Clippings from various publications
  • American Legion Magazine
  • Minneapolis Times
  • St. Paul Dispatch - St. Paul Pioneer Press
  • St. Paul Daily News
  • Superior Evening Telegram

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