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New Titles Released By Chickasaw Press, White Dog Press
by Savannah Burwell, Public Affairs Chickasaw Times

The Chickasaw Press and White Dog Press released three new titles during this year’s Chickasaw Cultural Evening at the Chickasaw Cultural Center.


Chickasaw Press Releases
Piominko: Chickasaw Leader by Thomas W. Cowger and Mitch Caver - Cowger and Caver reveal the impact of the life and achievements of one of the most important Native American leaders of the 18th century. Piominko: Chickasaw Leader recalls the period before, during and after the Revolutionary War from the point of view of the Native People it deeply affected. The volume returns to historical prominence the leader whose unwavering dedication in the face of monumental challenges proved crucial to the survival of the Chickasaw Nation and the United States.

Constant Fires by Rebecca Hatcher Travis - This second collection of poems from awardwinning Chickasaw poet Rebecca Hatcher Travis brings readers to a deeper understanding of the Chickasaw people and Native perspective. Sixty poems are presented in four sections, titled “Blood Streaks,” “Stirrings,” “Voices in Place,” and “Earth Echoes.” Constant Fires captures the stories, struggles and people of past generations, rejoices in the continuation and determination of Indigenous Americans and celebrates the beauty of nature and our connection to the natural world.

Good Night, Trilobite by Steve Vanlandingham - Tony the trilobite and his friends, Becky the brachiopod and Bryan the bryozoan, live in an ancient ocean that covers what will one day be the Chickasaw Nation. When a hungry cephalopod named Seth shows up, Tony and his friends find themselves in trilobite trouble! This fun and educational introduction to creatures from the Paleozoic era and the fossils they left behind includes a glossary of scientific terms, Chickasaw language vocabulary words and a downloadable version of the “Trilobite Song,” written and performed by the author.

White Dog Press Releases
C is for Chickasaw App - Based on the award-winning book C is for Chickasaw, the app enhances the original text with child friendly interactive features, games and activities. The highlighted, read-to-me narration walks users through the book portion of the app, where the illustrations come to life with interactive and engaging animation and sound effects. There is also a stand-alone ABC feature that includes audio and interactive animation for each letter of the alphabet. Digital coloring pages, puzzles and a photo booth round out the other in-app activities. Available for both iOS and Android devices.

Jack and the Giant - Created at the 2016 Ikbi Holisso Book Creation Camp, Jack and the Giant puts a Chickasaw spin on the classic children’s story “Jack and the Beanstalk.” The story is vividly illustrated with puppetry and told in both English and Chickasaw. This will be a free publication from White Dog Press, as were the two previous camp books.

Along with these exciting new titles, White Dog Press will release the popular, Ilimpa’chi’: We’re Gonna Eat by JoAnn Ellis and Vicki Penner, in softcover edition. Recipes, reminiscences and lessons in Chickasaw life are the main ingredients of this book. Chickasaw cooks Ellis and Penner have selected recipes and illuminated them with glimpses and scenes from growing up around kitchens and outdoor cooking fires.

For more information, contac the Chickasaw Press at

CONTRIBUTED BY Savannah Burwell, Public Affairs

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