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Favorite Web Sites
collected by Paul and Vicki
Cherokee Nation Foundation
The Cherokee Nation Foundation is a nonprofit organization serving the Cherokee Nation, a federally recognized tribe of more than 300,000 citizens. Its mission is to provide educational opportunities to Cherokee students so they can reach their full potential.
Everyday Native
This resource is meant to help heal racism by building bridges of understanding between non-Native and Native American youth. It began in 2014, when a radio host asked if my Native Celebrations photographs might be contributing to popular stereotypes. I suddenly saw that wasn’t the whole picture. To learn more about what everyday life is like for Native people on reservations, I listened as Native families in South Dakota and Montana shared difficult stories.
Alaska Native Science & Engineering Program (ANSEP)
ANSEP’s objective is to effect systemic change in the hiring patterns of Alaska Natives in science and engineering by placing our students on a career path to leadership.
Lakota Dream Museum & Monument
Providing an accurate interpretation of The Great Plains tribes through documented resources, artifacts and local historians with the intention to instill knowledge, strong sense of identity, and hope into the Lakota and all Native people.
Archaeology Southwest
For three decades, Archaeology Southwest has practiced a holistic, conservation-based approach to exploring the places of the past. We call this Preservation Archaeology. By exploring what makes a place special, sharing this knowledge in innovative ways, and enacting flexible site protection strategies, we foster meaningful connections to the past and respectfully safeguard its irreplaceable resources.
Friends of Cedar Mesa
Friends of Cedar Mesa works to ensure that the public lands in San Juan County, with all their cultural and natural values, are respected and protected.

Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting
We engage and empower the public through investigative journalism and groundbreaking storytelling that sparks action, improves lives and protects our democracy.

N7 Fund
N7 is our commitment to bring sport and all of its benefits to Native American and Aboriginal communities in the United States and Canada. Through activity, competition and play you can unleash the power of your generation. You can grow up active and healthy. Sport gives you self-confidence, enabling you to be a force for positive change in your community. Nike N7 and the N7 Fund are aligned with Nike’s Community Impact commitment to get kids moving through sport and play so that they can lead healthier, happier and more successful lives.
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Kindergarten Readiness
August is "Get Ready for Kindergarten" month for almost two million American kids who will be entering kindergarten in the fall. Today’s collection of websites include a mix of online and offline activities for parents to do with their preschoolers. But remember, although worksheets and online games are fun, reading out loud to your child is the single best way to prepare your kids for school and learning.
ABCYa!: PreK
Created by an elementary school teacher, ABCYa! provides free, online Flash games for use in a web browser, and paid apps for your phone or tablet. The Pre-K collection includes games such as Alphabet Bingo, Birthday Candle Counting, Connect the Dots, and Letter Tracing.
Count Us In
This collection of fifteen number games from the Australian Broadcasting Company is terrific; I only wish they had more descriptive titles, and some sound or music. For counting beginners, games one, five and eight are my favorites. All the games are available for free download, so they can be played offline on either a Mac or Windows computer. For a description of each game, click on the yellow "games" menu item.!/search/_SRC:ABC%20Count%20Us%20In
Kids Learning Station
Kids Learning Station offers hundreds of free printable worksheets for preschool and kindergarten, including Basic Concepts, Reading, Shapes, Colors, Numbers, Writing, Alphabet, and Math. The worksheet thumbnails take a few seconds to load when you visit a category page, so just take a deep breath and have a bit of patience.
Nick Jr: Beyond the Backpack
Beyond the Backpack is an educational initiative from Nickelodeon to help parents prepare their preschoolers for kindergarten with interactive Dora the Explorer games. Start by taking the quiz rating your child's readiness in four areas: language, social/emotional, math, and physical/wellness. Based on your answers, you'll then get a customized learning plan for your child which includes multimedia video and interactive Dora games. As your child progresses through the games, they'll earn virtual stickers to keep them motivated.

Scholastic: Countdown to Kindergarten
This two-page checklist for preschool parents starts twelve months before kindergarten, with the suggestion to visit kindergarten programs in your community to find out what's available. It continues through the first couple of weeks of kindergarten with this advice. "Take your time making the transition. Every child will respond differently. Work with the teachers to help yours adjust."

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Fruit And Vegetables
In honor of National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month (June), today’s tour extols the health benefits of including more produce in our diets.

Food Champs
Created by the Produce for Better Health Foundation (the same non-profit that publishes Fruits & Veggies: More Matters) this educational game site is targeted at kids from two- to eight-years old. Choose a comic-book character to be your champion (a skateboarding banana or orange, for example) and jump into the games. Activities include coloring pages, games such as Fruit & Vegetable Math, printable worksheets, recipes, and a gallery of kid-submitted artwork.

Fruits & Veggies More Matters: Healthy Kids
"Fill half your plate with fruits and veggies." For high-school students and grownups, Fruits & Veggies More Matters explains why produce is so good for you, and how to get the most from them. From current research on why fresh fruits and vegetables have more health benefits than phytochemical supplements, to recipes and kitchen tips on storing produce. Best clicks include a coloring and activity pages, games that teach nutrition, and coping with kids and teens that decide to become vegetarians.

Great Grub Club: A-Z of Fruit and Veg
The Great Grub Club is an educational site for kids, teachers and parents published by the British World Cancer Research Fund. This A to Z encyclopedia of fruits and veggies (from apple to zucchini) includes both the American and British produce names. Did you know that in England, zucchinis are called courgettes, and eggplants are aubergines? "Most aubergines are teardrop-shaped and have a glossy purple skin. On the inside, they are spongy and creamy white."

Brought to you by Western Growers trade association, Producepedia reminds us that "California and Arizona farmers grow almost half the produce found in grocery stores across America." In addition to stories about the farmers, Producepedia lives up to its name in providing an encyclopedia of fruits, vegetables and nuts. Each entry includes a history ("Apricots originally came from China."), nutrition facts, season info, and ripeness and storage tips. "If you want to ripen immature apricots, keep them in a brown paper bag. Keep them at room temperature until they are slightly soft."

Sustainable Table: Seasonal Food Guide
Explore what's growing fresh in your area right now. Select your state, and the month (which is further divided into early or late) and scroll through the results. Each item is labeled as a fruit, vegetable, or herb. And most include links to recipes, and informational articles. Sustainable Table is a project of the Grace Communications Foundation, that advocates for sustainable alternatives to "our current industrial food system."

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Zoo Animals
June is National Zoo and Aquarium month, and today we are going on a virtual zoo hop. I hope you enjoy the lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my!
Houston Zoo
Best clicks for virtual visitors are found under Meet the Animals and Exhibits. Click around and you'll find articles about Animal Art, Animal Care, and a whole section on animal conservation. "In recent years, conservation biologists have drawn our attention to a worldwide decline in wild populations of frogs, toads, and salamanders – a phenomenon that has come to be called the Global Amphibian Crisis."
Lincoln Park Zoo: Animals
In addition to browsing the annotated animal photo gallery (which is appropriate for all ages), older students can explore the Conservation & Science section about international effects by Lincoln’s scientists to "identify threats to zoo and wild populations and develop strategies to ensure their continued existence." For example, the Goualougo Triangle Ape Project is studying gorillas and chimpanzees in a remote part of the Republic of Congo.
Los Angeles Zoo: Animals & Plants
Amphibians, birds, invertebrates, mammals, and reptiles are all on display at the LA Zoo, along with a botanical garden. Other sections on my do-not-miss list are Rainforest of the Americas and Elephants of Asia. "Elephants of Asia is designed to increase appreciation, amazement, and wonder for these great animals and to familiarize guests with the challenges Asian elephants face in the wild, including their shrinking natural habitat."
National Zoo
Highlights of The National Zoo in Washington, D.C. are the Meet the Animals photo gallery, arranged alphabetically from Abyssinian ground hornbill to Yellow-spotted Amazon river turtle, and the live webcams (lion, elephant, and giant panda.) "Welcome to the Smithsonian's National Zoo's Panda Cams, where you can watch giant pandas Tian Tian, Mei Xiang, and Bei Bei. While you're watching pandas chomp on bamboo, play in trees and tumble in the grass, specially trained volunteers with Friends of the National Zoo are hard at work using these cameras to collect behavioral data on the giant pandas."

San Diego Zoo: Kids
First stop on our virtual tour of the world-famous San Diego Zoo is their kid section for their zoo games, animal crafts, science experiments, and profiles of "Wildly Famous Featured Creatures." The zoo does a lot of work in animal conservation, and their site has an excellent section on research efforts in China, the Pacific Islands, the southwestern United States, the Caribbean Islands, and South America. For specific animal backgrounders (for reports and such) return to the main zoo homepage, and click on Animals.

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Pi Approximation Day
Pi is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. Regardless of the size of the circle, pi is always the same irrational number: approximately 3.14 or 22 divided by 7. Because July 22 is 22/7 in the date format used by most of the world, it is celebrated as Pi Approximation Day. March 14 (3.14 in a US month-first date format) is celebrated as Pi Day primarily in the US.

Because July 22 is 22/7 in the European date format, it is celebrated as Pi Approximation Day. #piday #pi #k12 #math

Math Forum: Ask Dr. Math: About Pi
"For the sake of usefulness people often need to approximate Pi. For many purposes you can use 3.14159, which is really pretty good, but if you want a better approximation you can use a computer to get it." Dr. Math answers basic questions about Pi and includes an extensive list of links to other Pi-related questions and answers from the Math Forum archive. The little red star icons indicate "particularly interesting answers or good places to begin browsing."
PBS: Nova: Approximating Pi
"Around 250 B.C., the Greek mathematician Archimedes calculated the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. A precise determination of Pi, as we know this ratio today, had long been of interest to the ancient Greeks, who strove for precise mathematical proportions in their architecture, music, and other art forms."
Pi Land
Eve Andersson is a Google engineer with a soft spot for Pi. Her homage to Pi includes a Pi Trivia Game consisting of twenty-five randomly chosen questions ("Finally this is your chance to pay tribute to the magnificent transcendental number that we have all grown to love!) and a Pi Trainer to test your memory of the digits of Pi. Under Aesthetics, she publishes a few Pi poems and a small photo gallery. Nerd Stuff includes the digits themselves and graphs of digit frequency.
The World of Pi: Approximations and Strange things about Pi
"This page is devoted to the rational and irrational approximations which are nearest to Pi. And there are some great ones! Not to mention some approximate curiosities concerning Pi. Indeed, since people realized that there was a constant that defined the ratio of the perimeter of a circle over its diameter, a discovery dating from the Egyptians and the Babylonians, mathematicians have tried to give the exact value of Pi or, after the XVIIIth century, tried to give simple approximations of Pi."

Wired: What is the Best Fractional Representation of Pi?
"Technically, 22/7 is better than 3.14 (which [is] the USA Pi Day). This leads to the question: What other fractions could represent Pi?" Join Associate Physics Professor Rhett Allain for a fun romp through various ways to represent Pi, using the Chrome plugin Chromey Calculator to do the calculations. "This plugin is so awesome, I don't know what to say. Essentially it is a calculator that uses Google and Wolfram Alpha."

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The Ocean
Although it covers nearly three-quarters of the Earth, scientists call the ocean our planet’s last frontier, and say that we know more about the moon then we do the seafloor. While oceanographers are racing to learn more about the deep secrets of the ocean floor, you can start your ocean journey at the following sites.

AMNH: OLogy: Marine Biology
"OLogy means 'the study of.' And here on the American Museum of Natural History's OLogy website, you can study and explore many cool OLogies." This particular section is all about Marine Biology at an elementary and middle-school level. For an introduction to oceans, start at "What's the Big Idea." To explore related concepts, follow the little red asterisks that pop open multimedia lessons. Free registration allows you to collect cards from each station, and to submit projects for possible publication.

Monterey Aquarium: Animals & Exhibits
This page is a fabulous collection of the best Monterey Aquarium pages for both kids and grown-ups. My favorites are the live web cams (keep in mind that these operate on Pacific Standard Time), and the animal guides (sea otters, penguins, jellies and more.) Another great find is the 168-page printable Sea Searcher's Handbook chock full of articles and hands-on activities.

National Geographic Kids: Ocean Facts!
Ten fun ocean facts, a small photo gallery, and a video await elementary-age students wanting to learn more about the ocean. "The deepest known area of the Earth's oceans is known as the Mariana Trench. It's deepest point measures 11km. That's a long dive down!"
NOAA: Ocean Facts
What is the longest-lived marine mammal? What is an artificial reef? Are mermaids real? Find answers to these questions (and more) with FAQs from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. "Scientists agree that the bowhead whale has the longest lifespan of all marine mammals. Whales are the largest animals on Earth and live longer than all other mammals in the contemporary animal kingdom. While many ocean lovers can easily identify the iconic sperm whale, the charismatic humpback and the wily orca, not all are familiar with the bowhead."

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution: Dive and Discover
Dive and Discover is an interactive web site for high-school students and adult learners that "immerses you in the excitement of discovery and exploration of the deep seafloor." Join any one of sixteen missions, and/or take a look at the science lessons listed on the menu under Deeper Discovery. "The global ocean circulation system transports heat worldwide and affects climate in many areas. For example, Europe would have much colder winters if it were not for the Gulf Stream. Winds blow surface waters and cause ocean currents. But the waters below the depths of the wind's influence flow because of differences in temperature and saltiness (called salinity)."

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