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Native American Rap Star, JOEY STYLEZ, Seeks To Empower The People
by Chris Wick

Joey Stylez, real name Joseph LaPlante, has opened up about his own experiences with drugs and alcohol - and how those experiences robbed him of happiness but he's not ashamed of his past. He wants to use it to empower the people. "We are not the things we've done, but the things that we think about consistently. When inner pain is not dealt with, it can become something that propels alcohol and drug abuse," said Stylez.

Describing himself as "a person who could have been a statistic," the entertainer said, "At this point, I have everything to live for. There is not an experience of moods that stay for long. I don't believe that a person is his or her emotions; it's how they choose to deal with them. For myself, I like to get creative and immerse myself in my work. I channel my energy into my work whether it is art, writing, business or whatever. I utilize mindfulness for wellness and that keeps me grounded."

Most recently, in 2017, JOEY STYLEZ won the award for Best Rap and Hip Hop Album for his album "#GREYMAGIC".

Stylez has undergone a shift of mindset through the years and since the birth of his son in 2016, it gave his life meaning. In his song "The Oath", from his award-winning album "#GREYMAGIC", Stylez writes about his son being his world and the love he feels in his heart. Joey has no doubts that a person can control their thoughts and utilize techniques of wellness for body, mind, and spirit to become happy and live without numbing themselves. He said, "Everyone deserves to be happy and I feel like far too many people rely on a source outside of themselves."

Joey Stylez – "The Starchief". This is his upcoming album, which will be released in April 2018. "I have a lot of friends, brothers, and sisters that grew up without parents or encouragement in their life so that's where this album title comes from", he said. He said, "They used to call me the Chief of the North, now they call me The Starchief."

This will be his 4th studio album and something that he hopes will elevate First nations people and all people of the color wheel. In his hit-song "Save Your Soul ($Y$), there is a line that says "One day all the colors will blend, we'll fix the heart of every man."

When asked about the colonization of indigenous people, he reflected more generally on his life experiences, stating: "I think getting back to our cultural beliefs and our own personal beliefs is powerful. Instead of being forced what to say, do, think, how to act, we're living in a time of spiritual awakening for indigenous people. What has been happening for the last hundreds of years is terrible, but indigenous people uniting and making their voices heard is something that can help propel this generation and our future generations out of bondage and slavery."

When asked about the bad times in life he said, "I'm perfectly fine with people judging me based on my past because I'm not that person. I'm always changing as a human being. Gratitude for today, for life, and even the horrible stuff you know, is so important. There is a lot of satisfaction about looking back at those things. It's created who I am and that person is always capable of change and growth. That's why I created the artist name Joey Stylez with a 'z' to represent the different styles I incorporate into my music, life, and art"

Stylez was discussing his retail company Stressed Street and he feels very optimistic and genuinely enthusiastic about the future. People all around the world are starting to take notice of "Stressed Street" and they are aligning with a lot of talents in different avenues.

Joey Stylez – "The Starchief" album will be available in April 2018.

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