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Thirty Eight is RELEASED!
by Tawa Witko
The day has finally come and Thirty Eight has been released. Deanna and I are so happy to share this book with you and hope that you love it as much as we loved writing it. It truly was such a gift to work with my daughter on this book. Our hope is that as people follow Viviana on her journey of self discovery that you will learn something about not only yourself but about the Dakota who were hung so long ago.

I’m so proud of Deanna. Not only is she an exceptional human being with the biggest and kindest heart but she truly believes in our culture and the lessons that our ancestors have taught us. She honored the ancestors this month by participating once again in the Dakota 38 Ride.

In the process of promoting this book we decided to do a few interviews to let people know about the thought process we went through to write this book and the connection we had to the ride. Below you will find three interviews featuring co-author Deanna Milda where she offers some insight into writing this book as well as being on the ride. It was fun to talk with Deanna in this way and you can see that she got more confident with each interview. Take a look and give us some feedback. Be sure to hit the like button and follow the Winyan Press YouTube page HERE.


Interview One, filmed on December 17, 2015 in Flandreau, SD

This is the first of three interviews about the upcoming novel ‘Thirty Eight’ by Tawa Witko and Deanna Milda, release date December 26, 2015. Filmed at the Healthy Start Tribal Child Care Facility in Flandreau, SD on December 17, 2015.

Interview Two, filmed on December 25, 2015 at Land of Memories Park in Mankato, MN.

This is the second of three interviews about the upcoming novel ‘Thirty Eight’ by Tawa Witko and Deanna Milda, release date December 26, 2015. Filmed at Land of Memories Park in Mankato, MN on December 25, 2015.

Interview Three, filmed on December 26, 2015 at Reconciliation Park in Mankato, MN.

This is the third of three interviews about the novel ‘Thirty Eight’ by Tawa Witko and Deanna Milda, released on December 26, 2015. Filmed at Reconciliation Park in Mankato, MN on December 26, 2015.

While on the Dakota 38 Ride I took several videos including many of the riders coming into Mankato on December 25th, 2015. I then translated those videos into the first trailer for Thirty Eight. Now granted I am not an expert in this area but I do hope that you like what I put together.


Trailer for the novel ‘Thirty Eight’ by Tawa Witko and Deanna Milda, available now on Amazon and other online retailers.

Summary: “Viviana lived a quiet life in the city, studying and doing everything possible to ensure she was accepted into a good college. She never thought much about who she was or where she came from but all of that will change when her father dies in the line of duty and she is asked to do something she never thought imaginable, participate in the annual Dakota 38 + 2 Ride. It was something that absolutely terrified her but with the encouragement of her uncle and the guidance of her new friends, Dre and Hope, she will discover something within her she never knew existed. She will learn that culture and tradition live within one’s heart and cannot be easily forgotten. Our spirit remembers our ancestors and beckons us to them, even if we are reluctant to go. Thirty Eight is a story of acceptance and love while finding one’s way back home.”

In addition to the interviews and the trailer I am proud to premiere this beautiful illustration of Viviana and Eagle Bear done by Winyan Press Illustrator, Alex Marin. Thank you so much Alex. This picture is absolutely BREATHTAKING!!!


DON'T FORGET: If you have read Thirty Eight please review it on Amazon. It will help our sales ranking which will allow us to be recommended to more people. Remember that ALL royalties are being donated to the Dakota 38 Ride. Thank you everyone!

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