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by Johnny Rustywire
Grandfather, tell me about the people, the ones called Tsaa...

There are no Tsaa People, there once were two brothers looking for medicine to help their sister who was ill and they travelled far and wide going from place to place to find a way to help her and in doing so met many people. When they found people they did not know there would go to the elder there, the Grandfather would say, you are
strangers and do not belong here.

The brothers would tell the story of how they came to be there, that they were seeking some knowledge to help their sick sister and had come this say to find what these people had to offer, to learn from them and the proper way of doing things.

The Grandfather said, "Do you have gifts to bring", in this they said we do not have much but offer all that we have. In the distance was a rainbow and that had traveled on it and in doing so they had made a trail from it to there and that trail was their life, the rainbow fashioned by every twist and turn they had made in their travels, it spoke well of them.

The Grandfather looked at this and said, "You have enough my children" and taught them in the way they should walk, teaching them about the things his people had to offer and sent them on their way.

They came across one people, when they came upon them they sat in a place hollowed out by the wind, and when they announces themselves they said nothing, just sitting there throwing red sand all over themselves. They did not talk, or see them or listen to them, but just threw this sand all over and stirred up the dust.

This was the place called Tsaa, the home of Bitter Winds, the winds that blow for no reason but to cause strife. The wind when it comes to you carries sand and if you are caught in it, it will sting your face, it will make you think why are you here and where am I going, it is too much trouble to continue. But if you hang on it will blow over and be gone. It is always there this wind, so it is with life.

Grandfather, why are they that way?.

Son, it has always been so you will find it all through your life, there are those that are like that bitter wind, when they come to you, they bring nothing but stirred up dust and it will sting, it comes from a place where there are those
people who do not see, or hear or listen and not matter what you say they will not listen, but just throw red sand all over themselves and stir up the bitter winds of life..........

From the Navajo Way, a centuries old story in the songs and legends of the People, the Bitter Winds come still and so it goes on, but it will pass, there will be better days than this, let this one go by..... rustywire

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