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Favorite Sites
collected by Paul and Vicki

Sia: The Comanche Nation Ethno Ornithological Initiative
The Comanche Nation Ethno Ornithological Initiative is the nesting place for more than 70 eagles and other birds of cultural importance to Native Americans.

Sealaska Heritage Institute
Sealaska Heritage Institute (SHI) is a regional Native nonprofit organization founded for the Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian people of Southeast Alaska. SHI was established in 1980 by Sealaska Corp., a for-profit company formed under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA). SHI, formerly Sealaska Heritage Foundation, administers Sealaska Corp.'s cultural and educational programs.
Cherokee Nation Entertainment
Cherokee Nation Entertainment is holding auditions to put together our first-ever all-Cherokee band. Auditions will lead to becoming a member of a band that will rock the house at all of Cherokee Nation Entertainment’s venues.
House of Night: The Lost Creation Songs of the Mohave People
Thirty years ago, a CBS radio engineer out of Los Angeles, with his portable reel-to-reel drove out to the Colorado River Indian Reservation in Parker, Arizona looking to make Mojave recordings. There he met Emmet Van Fleet, an elder of the tribe and the last of the Creation Song signers. Over the course of several years, Tyler made his weekend pilgrimages, and slowly and meticulously the two men recorded the 525 song cycle that recounts the legend of the creation and origin of the Mohave people, their oral maps, the mythological journeys of legendary figures, descriptions of their sacred sites, and the stories behind them, directions to safely cross the Mohave desert, the story of how fire was brought to them.
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Christmas Songs
Covering the gamut from traditional Christmas carols to pop holiday music, these Christmas sites include printable lyrics, music trivia, and streaming online radio stations. May your holiday season be joyful and filled with music! Guitar: Christmas Carols
"It's never too early to prepare for Christmas song sing-a-longs." And to help in that endeavor, guitar guru Dan Cross brings us an archive of printable Christmas carols with lyrics and guitar chords. This page is full of kid-friendly songs ("All I Want For Christmas" and "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer) but for more traditional fare, follow the "More Christmas Song Links" just below the list of children's songs.
Christmas Songs
Calling itself "the most comprehensive Christmas song resource on the web," Christmas Songs includes Christmas music trivia (with six interactive quizzes), links to sites with free Christmas sheet music, lots of printable song lyrics, and lists of top-selling Christmas CDs. "Jingle Bells is the most popular of all Christmas songs, but did you know it hasn't always been associated with Christmas? The song was written by James Lord Pierpont and was copyrighted on September 16, 1857 with the title 'One Horse Open Sleigh.'"
Pandora: Internet Radio
Not just another Internet radio site, Pandora is based on the Music Genome Project, a recommendation engine started in 2000 by "a group of musicians and music-loving technologists." Pandora lets you create custom radio channels filled with songs that Pandora "knows" you will love. To craft your Christmas channel, start with their generic Christmas station (look under Genre Stations) and then customize it by rating songs (thumbs up or down) or build a station from scratch by seeding it with your favorite Christmas songs or musicians.
Xmas Melody
XmasMelody is a streaming Christmas radio station that broadcasts 24/7. To listen in, click on one of the Listen Xmas Station links in the right-hand column. You can choose between Winamp player, RealOne player or Windows Media in your choice of two speeds: 128kpbs (CD quality) or 32kpbs (for slower connections.) The website itself is rather simple. In addition to the listen links, there is a countdown to Christmas, and a scrolling message bar, where you can submit holiday greetings to be broadcast.

Xmas Fun: Christmas Songs
For lyrics, midi files and videos (selected from YouTube), scroll through this alphabetic list of Christmas songs from Xmas Fun. I am not a big fan of midi files, but they can be useful when you've simply forgotten a melody and need to be reminded before going out a-caroling. And, I thought the videos were a nice touch, especially for little kids. Before printing out the lyrics, be sure to click the "Hide Video" button, just below the video.

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Vocabulary Tests
This week's round up of vocabulary sites offers a mix of pre-defined vocabulary tests and tools to create quizzes based on your own word list. Whether your goal is a good score on Friday's vocab quiz, a perfect score on your Verbal SAT , or simply to improve your vocabulary, these sites will surely help.

Flashcard DB
At Flashcard DB, you can create your own flashcards, or use an existing set created by a community member. Online study can be paced by either the Leitner or Graded Spaced Repetition systems, which are two different algorithms for studying harder items (those with incorrect answers) more often than easy items (those you've answered correctly.) In addition to the print function, Flashcard DB offers a multiple-choice interactive quiz for all the flashcard sets.

"Quizlet eats flashcards for breakfast." Although some games are playable without an account, you'll want to sign up for a free account to build your own interactive flashcard sets to study in five different modes: Familiarize, Learn, Test, Scatter Game, and Space Race Game. Sets are organized by tags, and can be coded private or public, or exported in a variety of formats to use elsewhere. Before I run out of space here, I must tell you that Andrew Sutherland started Quizlet in 2005 when he was just fifteen. Put Quizlet on your must see list, and spend a few minutes reading up on this amazing young entrepreneur.

Test Designer: Vocabulary
Basic membership at Test Designer is free, but does require registration. A free membership allows you to create and save up to two printable tests at a time, with up to ten questions each. The easiest way to begin is to choose a grade level (kindergarten through grad school), and build a test by choosing from the existing vocab words. To enter your own vocabulary words, dash over to Create (in the horizontal menu at the top of the page.) There is also a paid membership that allows members to create an unlimited number of private tests.

Vocab Test
These free (ad-supported) online vocabulary tests are categorized either by grade level (6 through 12) or levels A to H from the Vocabulary Workshop books (published by Sadlier-Oxford). Each interactive unit can be practiced in a variety of ways: sentences, definitions, synonyms, or antonyms. At the end of each test, your scores can be emailed or printed out. There is also a Quiz Maker where you can enter your own words, but it is not as feature-rich as those offered at other sites.

Wordsmyth: Vocabulary Quiz Maker
Without registration, visitors can create online vocab quizzes with up to fifteen words. Free registration lifts that limit to twenty-five words, and also provides a URL where you can return to your quiz. Start by choosing a dictionary level (advanced, children's or beginner's) and then simply type in your word list. WordSmyth has a built-in dictionary, so you do not need to enter the word definitions, they are provided automatically. The resulting quiz can be printed or played online. Very cool!

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Students And Teachers Against Racism announces their new website that offers insight into the Native American perspective to teachers and educators.
Changing Winds Advocacy Center
Through presentations, classroom sessions, curriculum, fund raising, charitable works, and multi-media efforts, we seek to raise public awareness of the stereotyping, discrimination, racism and other unique situations facing Native Americans.
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