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Here you will find opportunity listings for the following categories:
Call For Papers
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We will update this page if we receive additional opportunities for events, etc. that will occur before our issue publication date.
We receive these announcements from various sources including Harvard University Native American Program (HUNAP) and NativeShare
Title: Executive Director, Harvard University Native America Program
Deadline: Position Open until filled.

University-wide position with the Harvard University Native American Program (HUNAP) under the auspices of the Office of the President & Provost Interfaculty Initiatives; serving the entire faculty, Native American student and alumni population, and all students interested in Native American or indigenous issues throughout the University. Reports to the Faculty Chair of the program and the Office of the Provost and this non-faculty position works directly with Faculty Advisory Board. Facilitates a vibrant intellectual community committed to Native American and indigenous studies at Harvard University by managing daily operations, working with the Faculty Chair and Faculty Advisory Board develops and implements innovative interfaculty and interdisciplinary teaching and research projects in the field of Native American studies, supports faculty development and networks throughout university for faculty engagement, serves as a resource, advises, and provides support on academic and professional opportunities to Native students enrolled at Harvard University, creates opportunities for executive and professional development of programs for Native leaders, outreaches to Indian Country to develop opportunities consistent with program mission and teaching and research goals.

For More Information, please contact:
Cathlyn Zackrias
Human Resources Consultant
Offices of the President and Provost
Harvard University
Tel: 617-495-1821

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Title: Tenure or Tenure-Track Position, Occupational Epidemiology / Industrial Hygiene, NCI
Deadline: October 15, 2008; Open until filled.
Contact: Mrs. Judy Schwadron
Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics, National Cancer Institute
6120 Executive Blvd., EPS/8073
Bethesda, MD 20892-7374.

A tenure track/tenure position is available in the Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology Branch, Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics, National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health (NIH), Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) for one or more Industrial Hygienists (Ph.D. or equivalent). Candidates should have expertise and experience in the conduct of exposure assessment in the context of epidemiologic studies relating occupational exposures to disease risk. Additional expertise in biologic monitoring and statistical modeling are a plus. The studies of occupation-related risk carried out by the Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology Branch include retrospective assessment of historical exposures, through industry and questionnaire-based evaluations in case-control and cohort studies, on-site evaluation of exposures through air, dermal and biological monitoring, and studies of early biologic effects and genetic susceptibility. A demonstrated ability to carry out effective collaborations with investigators from different disciplines is critical, as is the ability to communicate effectively in speech and writing, as demonstrated by presentations and publications.

The successful candidates(s) will develop an independent research program focused on assessing cancer-causing exposures in complex occupational settings, in relation to cancer risk. Interested individuals should send a cover letter, curriculum vitae, brief summary of research interests and experience, copies of selected publications, and three letters of reference to Mrs. Judy Schwadron.
Title: Tenure-Track Position , Laboratory of Molecular Biology, CCR NCI
Deadline: October 15, 2008
Contact: Ms. Ann Schombert, Executive Secretary, Laboratory of Molecular Biology
Building 37, Room 5106
Bethesda, MD 20892-4264
Phone: 301-451-8714
Fax: 301-402-1344,

A tenure-track research position is available in the Laboratory of Molecular Biology (LMB), CCR, NCI for a scientist working in the field of prokaryotic biology. Candidates must have a Ph.D. and/or M.D. and a proven record of innovative research and productivity in bacterial pathogenesis or bacterial physiology, molecular biology, bacterial cell biology or systems biology using a prokaryotic system and/or bacteriophage biology. The successful candidate will join an active group of research staff in the LMB working on transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulatory mechanisms, proteolysis and protein folding, eukaryotic gene expression, and basic understanding and applied use of bacterial toxins and immunotoxins.

Applicants should submit a CV, including bibliography, a two page statement of research interests, and have three letters of recommendation. Electronic applications are strongly preferred.
Title: Assistant Clinical Investigator, Laboratory of Neurogenetics, NIA (Req # NIA-IRP 08-11)
Deadline: October 15, 2008
Contact: Peggy Grothe, Intramural Program Specialist; Office of the Scientific Director (Box 09)
(Vacancy # NIA-IRP 08-11)
National Institute on Aging, Biomedical Research Center
251 Bayview Boulevard, Suite 100, Room 04C232
Baltimore, MD 21224-6825.
Phone: 410-558-8012
Websites: and

The Intramural Research Program (IRP) of the National Institute on Aging (NIA), Bethesda, Maryland, is recruiting for an Assistant Clinical Investigator position in the Laboratory of Neurogenetics (LNG), under the direction of Dr. Andrew Singleton. This is a time-limited position with initial appointment for three years. The incumbent will be recruited to run a small research group focusing on the molecular genetics of neuromuscular disorders, and must have a strong background in patient ascertainment and the practical application of genetics in human disease. Specialized knowledge and expertise in the molecular genetics of neurodegenerative diseases, particularly motor neuron diseases, is required. Experience with positional cloning, application of genome wide SNP assays and familiarity with next generation molecular genetic techniques, such as sequence by synthesis, is desirable. In addition a strong background in clinical neurology, specializing in motor neuron diseases is required and expertise in clinical trial design and clinical research is desirable. The incumbent will have major roles in training staff and postdoctoral fellows and maintaining research continuity within the laboratory. An M.D. is required.

Salary is commensurate with research experience and accomplishments. The salary range for this position is $87,193 - $200,000. To apply: Please send a cover letter, curriculum vitae, bibliography, statement of research interests, and three letters of recommendation.
Title: NIDDK Scientific Director
Deadline: October 17, 2008
Contact: Dr. John O'Shea
Phone: (301) 496-2612

Application Submission to:
National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK)
31 Center Drive, MSC 2560, Building 31, Room 9A-47
Bethesda, Maryland 20892

The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) is seeking exceptional candidates for the position of Scientific Director for its Division of Intramural Research (DIR). The incumbent serves as the principal advisor to the NIDDK Director on biomedical and scientific affairs involving the intramural research program. The NIDDK supports and conducts research to understand, treat, and prevent some of the most common and severe diseases affecting the public health (

This position offers a unique and exciting opportunity for an extremely capable individual to plan and oversee basic fundamental and applied research programs; evaluate research efforts and establish program priorities; allocate resources; direct training of pre- and post doctoral fellows; collaborate with other NIH programs; and advise the NIDDK Director and senior staff on the DIR and areas of science of interest to the Institute. The Intramural Division has a staff of approximately 1,000 employees and a current annual budget in excess of $167 million. In addition to the managerial/administrative responsibilities outlined above, the Scientific Director may carry out his/her own research program. Resources commensurate with the proposed program will be provided. The NIDDK seeks candidates who have a commitment to scientific excellence and the energy, enthusiasm, and innovative thinking necessary to maintain the DIR's research efforts at the forefront of science.
Title: NIAID Clinical Research Transition Program
Deadline: October 31, 2008
Contact: Dr. Karyl Barron, Deputy Director, DIR, NIAID
Phone: 301-402-2208

The NIAID Clinical Research Transition Program was initiated in 2006 to provide opportunities for physicians to gain clinical and translational research experience in association with an NIAID Division of Intramural Research (DIR) laboratory. The program aims to increase the pool of well-trained clinical investigators who are competitive for clinical tenure-track positions. One to three candidates per year will be selected for 2-3-year appointments. Applicants must have an M.D. or M.D./Ph.D. degree, be board eligible or board certified in a subspecialty (or equivalent), and qualify for credentialing by the NIH Clinical Center. Applicants should identify a DIR lab chief who will agree to host the applicant's research. Information about DIR labs and contact information for lab chiefs is available at
Title: Tenure-Track Position, Laboratory of Experimental Gerontology, NIA (Req#: NIA-IRP-08-10)
Deadline: November 2, 2008
Contact: Peggy Grothe, Intramural Program Specialist
Office of the Scientific Director
(Vacancy # NIA-IRP-08-10)
National Institute on Aging, NIH Biomedical Research Center
251 Bayview Blvd., Suite 100
Baltimore, Maryland, 21224.
Phone: 410-558-8012
Email to
Website: and

The Laboratory of Experimental Gerontology (LEG) of the National Institute on Aging (NIA) is recruiting a scientist for a tenure-track position within its Intramural Research Program (IRP). This position is 100% research, includes an attractive set-up package and operating budget, and provides the unique and extensive resources of the NIH. Principal Investigators in the LEG include Drs. Peter Rapp, Chief, Rafael de Cabo, and Sige Zou.The successful individual will possess an M.D. or Ph.D. with training and experience in translational research in mechanisms of neural plasticity. The candidates should have an established record of scientific accomplishment in this area. A track record of publications and interest in research on aging is also desired.
Title: Tenured or Tenure-Track Position
Pediatric Oncology Branch, NCI CCR
Deadline: November 15, 2008
Contact: Dr. Paul Meltzer; Chair, Search Committee
Pediatric Oncology Branch; Center for Cancer Research, NCI
C/O Carla Floyd, Executive Secretary
9000 Rockville Pike; Bldg 10 Room 12N210 MSC 1904
Bethesda, Maryland 20892-1904.
Websites:, or

The mission of the Pediatric Oncology Branch (POB), Center for Cancer Research, National Cancer Institute, is to improve survival and quality of life for children and young adults with cancer through basic, translational and clinical studies spanning molecular oncology, genomics, immunology, bone marrow transplantation, developmental therapeutics and supportive care. The POB invites applications for a tenure track or tenure eligible principal investigator position to conduct studies using molecular biologic and/or genomic technologies in pediatric cancer. Expertise and emphasis on bioinformatics, databases and multi-dimensional data are highly desirable along with strong communication skills.

Applicants must have an M.D. and/or Ph.D. in a relevant field with extensive post-doctoral experience, and a strong publication record demonstrating potential for creative independent research in the application of molecular biology and or genetics/genomics to pediatric oncology. The incumbent will direct an independent research program consisting of postdoctoral fellows and technicians funded by the NCI intramural research program. The incumbent will receive research support for developing a state-of-the-art laboratory that includes sufficient space, equipment and supply budget in order to sustain a research program in pediatric oncology.
Title: Chief, Visuomotor Disorders Section
Laboratory of Sensorimotor Research, NEI
Deadline: Open-ended
Contact: Mica Gordon, Executive Assistant
Office of the Scientific Director
National Eye Institute, Building 31, Room 6A22, 31 Center Drive
Bethesda, MD 20892
Phone: 301-451-6763

The National Eye Institute (NEI) seeks an outstanding clinician scientist for a tenured or tenure-track position as Chief, Visuomotor Disorders Section in the Laboratory of Sensorimotor Research (LSR) in the Division of Intramural Research. This recruitment is directed towards clinicians with expertise in central disorders that affect vision and/or eye movements (including disorders of binocular function).

The Laboratory of Sensorimotor Research is devoted to understanding the organization of the brain related to the control of eye movements, visual perception and their disorders. The Visuomotor Disorders Section Chief is expected to create a vigorous research program dedicated to elucidating the role played by these brain mechanisms in human disease, and to explore treatments. The Chief will develop broad investigational plans, independently and in collaboration with other NEI investigators and research scientists in the United States and abroad. The Chief will examine and treat patients, as well as design, implement and conduct research and clinical protocols. An opportunity exists for the Section Chief to recruit staff and supervise training.

The position requires an ability to integrate basic, clinical and translational research, and create an intellectual synergy and an environment for state-of-the art patient care for those suffering from visual dysfunction. At a minimum, candidates should have a Doctor of Medicine degree from a school in the U.S. or Canada approved by a recognized accrediting body in the year of the applicant's graduation, or a Doctor of Medicine or equivalent degree from a foreign medical school which provided education and medical knowledge substantially equivalent to accredited schools in the United States. Candidates should be Board-certified, board eligible or equivalent, have direct clinical experience.
Title: Scientific Director, NIDCD
Deadline: Review of applications begins October 6, 2008; Open until filled.
Contact: Dr. Eric Green
Phone: 301-402-2023

Application Submission:
National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD),
31 Center Drive, MSC 2320, Building 31, Room 3C02,
Bethesda, Maryland 20892

The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) is seeking exceptional candidates for the position of Director, Division of Intramural Research (DIR). The incumbent serves as the principal advisor to the NIDCD Director on biomedical and scientific affairs involving the intramural research programs conducted by basic and clinical research investigators in the field of deafness and other communication disorders. This position offers a unique and exciting opportunity for an extremely capable individual to evaluate research efforts and establish program priorities; direct training of pre- and post doctoral fellows; collaborate with other NIH programs; and advise the NIDCD Director and senior staff of the DIR and areas of science of interest to the Institute. The Division of Intramural Research has a staff of approximately 180 employees and a current annual budget of $35 million dollars. In addition to the managerial/administrative responsibilities outlined above, the Scientific Director is expected to carry out his/her own research program. Resources commensurate with the proposed program will be provided. The NIDCD seeks candidates who have a commitment to scientific excellence and the energy, enthusiasm, and innovative thinking necessary to lead and direct the DIR's research efforts at the forefront of science.
Title: Tenure Track Position in the Laboratory of Chemical Physics, National Institutes of Health
Deadline: December 1, 2008
Contact: Dr. William A. Eaton
Chief, Laboratory of Chemical Physics
Building 5, Room 116
National Institutes of Health
Bethesda, MD 20892-0520

A tenure track position is available for an experimental biophysical scientist to establish an independent research program in the Laboratory of Chemical Physics, NIDDK, NIH. All areas of biophysics and biophysical chemistry will be considered for this position. Current research in this Laboratory is primarily concerned with experimental, theoretical and computational problems in the structure, dynamics, and function of biological macromolecules, using techniques that include solution and solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, Raman and infrared imaging spectroscopies, time-resolved X-ray crystallography and optical spectroscopy, and single molecule spectroscopy. The theoretical and computational studies closely complement the experimental work. Development of fundamental aspects of experimental and theoretical techniques is an active area in the Laboratory.

Title: Senior Student Program Advisor, American Indian Student Services (AISS)
Location: Albuquerque, NM
Deadline: Open until filled.
Website: .

American Indian Student Services (AISS) is searching for a Senior Student Program Advisor to join the department's team of professionals dedicated to providing academic and cultural programming for American Indian students attending the University of Mew Mexico-Main Campus. The successful candidate will be responsible for coordinating and facilitating programs and services for students transferring to the UNM-Main Campus from UNM branch campus sites, community colleges, tribal colleges, and other colleges or universities; new admits; and current UNM-Main Campus students. Dedication to student academic, personal, cultural, and social success; advanced oral and written skills; and social, cultural and networking expertise are critical qualifications the successful candidate must possess.

The individual selected for this position will:

  • Analyze freshman and transfer student admission applications, transfer evaluations and transcripts.
  • Provide academic advising for prospective, new, and current undergraduate students.
  • Provide federal financial aid and institutional, departmental, private and tribal scholarship advisement.
  • Provide initial advisement and subsequent follow-up to student academic inquiries; evaluate academic level(s); assist in the resolution of student academic challenges; and provide advisement on academic program changes.
  • Coordinate academic intervention activities and programming throughout the academic year.
  • Organize and participate in areas of complex project, operations, and/or events.
  • Develop and coordinate student mentorship program.
  • Collect, analyze and maintain transfer student data for department database.
  • Coordinate and serve as an active participant in a variety of department/division-specific and university-wide student programming initiatives.

Applications for this position must be submitted using eJOBS (

Title: Assistant Professor, American Indian Studies (#6420), Palomar College
Deadline: First screening deadline: 4:30 pm on Friday, September 12, 2008; applications will be accepted until the position is filled.
Phone: 760-744-1150, x4181

THE POSITION: This is a full-time, tenure-track, 10-month-per-year position scheduled to begin January 20, 2009.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: The American Indian Studies Assistant Professor will be responsible for teaching primarily in American Indian Studies and periodically In American Studies. Additional duties will include curriculum development, arranging performances and/or exhibitions of American Indian arts, and extracurricular interaction with Indian students and the local Indian communities. Participate fully in departmental activities and college governance and hold regular office hours. Teaching assignments may include day, evening, and/or weekend classes at the San Marcos campus and/or off-campus locations as part of contract responsibilities. Teaching assignments may also include distance education classes.

Title: Executive Director of the Native Ways Federation
Location: Temporary move to Longmont, CO until permanent site negotiated.
Deadline: Open until filled.
Email: (No Phone Calls Please)

The Executive Director's primary responsibility will be the development of infrastructure, organizational planning for long-term sustainability and fundraising for this newly formed non-profit. The Native Ways Federation™ is seeking an individual with a strong vision and overall strategic leadership skills to establish and implement policies and procedures that guide, protect and ensure the long-term sustainability beyond the current 18-month funding. This is a challenging and demanding position requiring high levels of focused attention, diplomacy, interpersonal communication, precision, and uncompromising accountability. Experience working in American Indian culture, Indian Country, tribal government structures required. This is an ideal position for someone that has previous experience with working in the non-profit field and enjoys taking organizations to the next level.

Requirements include but are not limited to:

  • Experience desired in related field.
  • 3-5 years in fundraising experience with record of success in grant writing and a proven ability to accomplish defined goals and objectives.
  • Familiarity with local and national philanthropic sector and understanding of basic concepts of philanthropy.
  • Ability to write well and monitor budgets, to take the initiative and work independently.
  • Ability to operate under timely pressure and to work with founding board/hired personnel to accomplish tasks.
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication and organizational skills.
Title: Project Director Position, Brazelton Touchpoints Center
Deadline: Open until filled.

The Brazelton Touchpoints Center is located outside of the Longwood Medical Area in Brookline, Massachusetts and is an affiliate of Children's Hospital Boston. BTC's programs and services are designed to shift the paradigm of care so that our service delivery systems are appropriately focused on discovering and meeting the needs of families.

The Project Director for Tribal Touchpoints is responsible for implementing the goals and providing management of the Brazelton Touchpoints Center's Tribal Touchpoints Initiative. Primary responsibilities include: project management, acquisition of funds, planning and management of day to day activities related to Tribal Touchpoints, consultation and technical assistance. The ideal candidate will also have a working knowledge of Native American culture and traditions, tribal leadership and governance structures.

Title: Development Director Position, Fort Apache Heritage Foundation
Deadline: Open until filled.

About the Organization: The Fort Apache Heritage Foundation (FAHF) was chartered in Arizona in 1998 by the White Mountain Apache Tribe (WMAT). It assists the Apache people and Tribe in preservation and interpretation of Apache culture and history, principally through implementation of the master plan to revitalize the Fort Apache and Theodore Roosevelt Boarding School National Register Historic District. These landmarks
encompass 400 acres, including 27 buildings dating from the founding of Fort Apache in 1870 to continued use today.

Job Description: The Development Director will lead fundraising, revenue-generating efforts, program activities, promotion, and budgets in implementing the master plan. This leadership position is the pivotal basis for growing an organization to share the rich heritage of the region with others and preserve it for future generations. The position reports to the Fort Apache Coordinator and Board of Directors. Candidates must demonstrate a successful track-record, as well as capacity for professional growth in fundraising, organization
development, diplomacy, project management, budgets, and supervising junior colleagues.


  • Developing, then implementing, a fundraising plan to enhance existing budget sources
  • Managing relationships, revenue generating plans, and organizational programs, including training junior staff
  • Serving as liaison to work in concert with other tribal entities and the Tribal Council
  • Marketing: managing internal and external communications, as well as promoting tourism
  • Other duties, as needed, to build an effective organization

A minimum of a bachelor's degree (or equivalent) in a relevant field, graduate degree

To apply: Send résumé and cover letter by email as one attachment to or by fax to (928) 338-6055. Inquiries may be directed to the Fort Apache Coordinator, Karl Hoerig, at the email above.

Title: Extension Educator, Agricultural Business Management, University of Minnesota Extension (Req # 156891)
Deadline: September 15, 2008; initial application screening will take place after this date. Open until filled

The EE-ABM is expected to have a specific focus on renewable energy economics as well as occasionally assisting with other Extension programs in ABM. The EE will bring in-depth expertise to cutting-edge issues, applying his or her expertise to Food, Agriculture, and Natural Resource Sciences programs and priorities. The EE will employ appropriate educational methods including face-to-face presentations, technology-based means, seminars, workshops, and/or non-credit courses. The EE is responsible for program development and delivery in cooperation with other Extension and campus-based faculty as well as partners in the agricultural and renewable energy industries, attention to diversity, use of scholarly scientific research, effective partnerships, use of technology and continuing professional development.

Required Education: M.S., M.A., M.Ed., Master of Agriculture, or PhD in agricultural economics, economics, business, education, or related discipline.

Experience: Minimum two years experience in a field related to the position.
Title: Development Officer, Institute of American Indian Arts the Office of Sponsored Programs
Deadline: Open until filled.
Contact: 951-276-6326, Ext 202

Reporting to the Director of Office of Sponsored Programs, the incumbent will research and develop grant proposals for tribal, and government grant opportunities.

Required: Bachelor degree, minimum 3 years experience in grant writing with proven success. Working knowledge of institutions of higher education, cultural and art programs and museums. Ability to interact and work successfully with tribal personnel, faculty, students, staff and public. For full job description website. Native Preference applies/send CIB/Tribal Enrollment if claiming preference. Final candidates will be asked to submit writing and grant examples.
Title: Student Services Director, Sherman Indian High School
Deadline: Open until filled.
Contact: 951-276-6326, Ext 202

REQUIREMENT: Indian Preference --- Masters Degree from an accredited university required. At least 24 hours in education, counseling, or psychology in which 12 graduate hours must be in one of these disciplines; guidance, counseling, or psychology courses directly related to education.

Four (4) years experience required as a teacher or guidance counselor in an elementary, middle or secondary school or in a professional capacity in another type of home living environment.

Salary --- $34.64 to $45.03 per hour.

Title: Program Coordinator, Clubs and Undergraduate Programs, Smith College Alumni Association (Job # 0600173)
Location: Northampton, MA
Deadline: Open until filled

Coordinate the support for programs and services for clubs and undergraduate programs and volunteers. Manage and produce requests for lists, broadcast emails, and other materials. Provide directory information as requested. Train and assist volunteers in the use of the Volunteer Connections online program and other functions of the AASC website. Produce volunteer reports and distribute materials. Maintain electronic calendar and produce web announcements. Participate in the further development and planning of undergraduate outreach and educational events including house teas, senior strawberry, and the reunion student worker program. Oversee preparations for undergraduate events as needed.

Manage and develop the faculty speaker program. Assist Club volunteers in finding faculty to travel to their area and speak with alumnae. Assist faculty with travel arrangements. Maintain Faculty Speaker calendar and post additions to the AASC web calendar. Process related expense reimbursements. Solicit faculty yearly participation in program, track responses and update online Faculty Speaker Brochure.

Manage database for club volunteers and entry of elected officials. Request and process Annual Reports from clubs to the AASC. Develop systems and procedures for maintaining data. Assist with planning and attend the Volunteer Conference each September.

Title: District Superintendent of Schools
Location: Norwich, New York
Deadline: Open until filled

The Board of Cooperative Educational Services of Delaware-Chenango-Madison-Ostego Counties, in concert with the Commissioner of Education of the State of New York, invites applications for the position of District Superintendent of Schools.

As Chief Executive Officer of the BOCES, the District Superintendent is responsible for providing leadership to school districts within the supervisory district. In this capacity, the District Superintendent plans, administers, supervises and evaluates the instructional and management services provided by the BOCES at the request of its 16 component districts. The District Superintendent is accountable to a seven-member BOCES Board of Education.

The District Superintendent also serves as the liaison for the New York State Education Department to 16 public school districts within the Supervisory District Region. In this state role, the Districts Superintendent supports the implementation of State Education Law, the policies of the State Board of Regents, Commissioner's regulations, and attends to special assignments at the request of the Commissioner. In addition, the District Superintendent assists the component school districts in the recruitment and selection of School Superintendents as needed. The District Superintendent is also considered a state employee and reports to the Commissioner of Education.

Title: Native American Community Academy Teaching Positions (NACA) 2008-2009
Deadline: Open until filled.
Contact: Kara Bobroff, Principal
Phone: (505)266-0992

The Native American Community Academy (NACA) is a new public charter school in Albuquerque, New Mexico and is seeking inspired educators who are interested in working in a community school with an amazing staff and community of families and students.

NACA Teaching Positions: Grades 6-9th 2008-2009 School Year

Mentor Teacher - Level III Instructor (6-15 years experience desired) to support the development of a School Based New Teacher Mentor Program and certified to teach middle school curriculum in Language Arts and Social Studies. Middle school classroom experience is required and applicant must hold a valid and current New Mexico Licensure. Specifically, this instructor will work with teachers on lesson development, classroom management and content and state standards implementation. Multiple certifications preferred as well as experience with the High Qualified Teacher process and reflective teaching. This individual will also work with the Out of School Time Staff and Club leaders to develop the out-of-school time program. This position requires that the mentor teacher teach a section/ class of Humanities - Language Arts and/or Social Studies. Special Education Endorsement preferred but not required.

7-9th Grade Math/Science Instructor:
Level I - Level III Highly Qualified Certified Instructor who has experience teaching math and science at the middle school and high school level is preferred. This position will work with a mathematics team and science team to deliver curriculum at the across mid and high school grade levels. Special Education Endorsement preferred but not required.

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