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The Eagle and the Snake – Redman Speaks – Part 13


by Geoff Hampton


Jennifer was unsure of what was happening and she was so tired that she could barely focus. She explained to the officers that the only thing that she could imagine that her neighbors had to complain about was that she had the television turned up too loud when she fell asleep. She saw that Sergeant Wilson wasn't really buying into what she was saying. In fact, he then asked her to produce her ID. She walked over to her nightstand without turning her back to the two men and kept her gun in an obvious position so if there were any chance that they weren't legitimate she could quickly defend herself.

As she got to the nightstand she opened the top drawer and took out her ID. She walked over and showed the two officers her FBI credentials. They nodded their heads up and down in an acknowledgment of her ID being in order and they thanked her. Then Sergeant Wilson asked if they could look around the condo to confirm her story that she was alone. She agreed to that, but since she was so disoriented and tired she asked to go along as she was still unsure about their legitimacy.

As the three of them walked from room to room it became apparent to the police officers that there was no evidence of any type of altercation. Everything was in a neat and arranged order, there were no visible signs of any struggle or fight and there was clearly no one else in the home with Jennifer. They looked puzzled, but apologized and then after a little more chit chat left.

Jennifer sat down on her couch and put her head into her hands. She was just so exhausted and nothing was making sense. She once again glanced at the eagle feather now emblazoned on her chest and it was still there. It was still hot to her touch. Everything felt so weird and she felt completely out of sorts. As she sat there trying to make sense of these things a thought just seemed to pop into her mind. It was the name, "Sonny Boy." All of a sudden she had a clear recollection of a recent Native American potential terrorist activity alert from out in South Dakota that had included the name, "Sonny Boy." Jennifer couldn't remember exactly what she had seen or read, but she did remember something about it and how it had struck her oddly.

She immediately took out her Bureau laptop computer and accessed her department's database. She went right to the recent code red bulletins related to Native American activities and quickly found what she had remembered. The FBI infiltrates most communities where it is suspected that potential violent activities may flare up and they always have one or two of what are known as deep cover agents on a couple of the Reservations. Agents at the Pine Ridge and Sisseton Reservations had reported a strange request from this previously unknown Native American. These previous unknown had come unannounced to demand that tribal leaders send specific tribal representatives to a special place where they would be picked up, blindfolded and taken to another secure location for a special meeting with what had been described as The Tribe of the Eagle and was supposedly fulfilling an ancient prophecy.

This is one part that had caused Jennifer to shake her head in disbelief because it had seemed at the time to be an incredibly strange parallel to what her Granddad had described to her many years ago. Jennifer had always imagined the story about the Eagle and the Snake as having been some ancient legend. But as she reviewed these top secret documents she became even more uncomfortable. The man who had come to those particular reservations representing The Tribe of the Eagle had been a man named Sonny Boy. The agents noted that Sonny Boy seemed to appear out of nowhere with no past and no explanation of where he had grown up. It had also been reported that Sonny Boy had shot and killed two men who had questioned his words and as a result he had immediately been put on the departments top ten most wanted list. There was a picture of him in the report. He was obviously Native American and he was wearing no shirt. Beyond her ability to comprehend she saw that Sonny Boy bore many tattoos, but there was a tattoo on his right chest that was in the form of an eagle feather. As she enlarged the picture on her computer screen she realized that he had eagle feather looked exactly like the one that she had just discovered on her own chest.

Jennifer began to shake and her mind seemed to be thinking a thousand thoughts all at one time. She kept saying to herself, "Is this real or am I dreaming?" She just couldn't get to a point where she felt grounded. Instead she kept feeling uneasy. She cried out for her Grandfather, but there was no reply.

Jennifer quickly accessed the top secret files that contained the names and cell phone numbers of all agents involved in the Native American infiltration program. She looked up the name of the agent who had filed the report and even though it was extremely late there she couldn't wait another minute to get additional information. She knew that the telephone call wasn't secure since it was his cell phone, but she would instruct him to go online and use the secure interagency web communication system.

When the agent answered the phone she gave him the code that identified who she was and followed that with the code for him to go online immediately. He hung up and she watched her computer screen for his screen name, "Invisible Spirit" to appear.

In a matter of minutes his screen name appeared and she sent him an Instant Message, "Invisible Spirit, please give update on the one known as Sonny Boy." Invisible Spirit wrote back, "Sonny Boy has left the area and taken tribal elders and medicine men. I tried to follow but was unable. Tried to hookup with global positioning to follow them but was also unable." Jennifer thought for a moment and then asked him what he thought was happening. The agent replied that many in the warrior's society had felt that this was the real deal. He said that they felt as though Sonny Boy was a messenger from the Tribe of the Eagle and the long awaited message of the one named Redman was about to be delivered.

Jennifer was stunned. She was amazed that this agent spoke so nonchalantly about something that she was sure was only a legend. She then continued with another Instant Message asking him if he really believed in that story. He said that he had heard it as a young boy and had thought that it was just some old legend, but there was no other explanation that he could come up with as to what was happening. Then she thanked him and signed off. As she began to shut down her secured Internet connection with the agent an eagle feather appeared across the middle of her screen. Her eyes bulged open wide and she let out a sound of fright.

She could not sleep anymore that night and went into the office early the next day. She looked up other agents and saw that many similar reports had been filed from several other Reservations. She couldn't remember everything about the Eagle and the Snake so she went online and saw the legend listed. She clicked onto it and began to read. She read the entire story and then remembered her Granddad telling her more that included the information about the original formation of the Tribe of the Eagle and how they went off into the mountains to await Redman's signal. She located that story (The Eagle and the Snake - Redman Speaks) and read about how the tribe was assembled. She thought out loud, "It's just a legend!" But she could not deny the events of the previous evening.

A deep sickening feeling began to over come Jennifer. It felt like a sensation of something crawling over her skin starting with a tingling sensation on top of her head and then it slowly started crawling down her back and went all the way to the bottom of her feet. She knew at that moment that the vision was real and that she was the little girl that the eagle had been yelling at to make a difference. There really was a Sonny Boy. There really was a Tribe of the Eagle. A decision of war or peace had already been made and the plan was beginning to unfold. She alone, out of the entire white world had the information about what was happening in the western United States and the potential for violence that it could be bringing.

She was now in conflict with all her training. She remembered the horrible things that she had been told by her Granddad and others and the things that she had read about what had happened to the Native Americans. She was sick to her stomach. She wondered why all those terrible things had been allowed to go on. Why their lands had to be stolen. Why they had been treated with no dignity. Why their women and children had to be killed so mercilessly and why there had been no outrage about it. She wondered how the people of America could have just overlooked all these terrible things and acted like they never even happened. She slowly became enraged at these thoughts. These thoughts were the only truth. They really happened. They really still happen. Jennifer knew that she held secrets that would benefit the ones who needed it the most. She knew that she must find Sonny Boy and help answer Redman's cry, whatever it might be. She made a heartfelt commitment to do whatever it took to right the wrongs of many generations. She knew it was her destiny and she was ready to answer the call.

End – Part 13– To Be Continued

© 2003 Geoff Hampton

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