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The Eagle and the Snake – Redman Speaks – Part 12


by Geoff Hampton


Back in Washington, DC Jennifer Ashby was busy getting settled into her new job with the FBI. She was really excited about the opportunity. During orientation she was stunned to find out how many terrorist groups were active around the country and around the world with the sole purpose of destroying the United States of America. It was alarming, but she was thrilled to be in charge of the elite anti-terrorism task force that could make a profound difference in the success or failure of any or all of these terrorist plans.

Approach of the Bald EagleOne night not too long after Jennifer had settled into her new position with the anti-terrorism task force she had a startling vision that really upset her. She had been thinking a great deal about her deceased Grandfather, Edgar Feathers and how much she missed him. Jennifer dreamed that she and her Granddad were walking in the woods back in Watauga, TN where she had spent so much of her childhood. They were walking up to a place called the Bogart Knob which wasn’t far from her Granddad’s house. She heard her beloved Grandfather retelling the story about The Eagle and the Snake that she loved so much. As they walked her Granddad stopped and pointed out a large eagle that was sitting in a tree not too far away. He said, “Shhhh..let us watch this great bird from which we are descended.” Jennifer looked at him kind of funny and wondering if he was just kidding around because he knew how much she loved that story.

As they watched in complete silence the eagle let out a shrill whistle and launched into the air. It was such a beautiful sight she thought. Then suddenly the eagle pinned its wings back and dove fast toward the ground. As it got close to the ground the eagle righted itself and extended its huge talons and dropped on something that they couldn’t quite see. Then they saw a huge rattlesnake thrashing around and the eagle was ripping at it with its beak and talons. The eagle looked right at Jennifer and her Granddad and lifted off the ground with the snake hanging limply in its grasp. The eagle let out a shrill call and flew right in front of them and dropped the huge snake.

The snake was bleeding badly and barely moving. Suddenly the snake began to shake and convulse. The eagle had landed in a tree close by and was intently watching the two humans as they observed the snake. The snakes mouth opened wide revealing its large fangs and made a loud hissing sound that continued and grew louder and louder. Then it began shaking violently and to started to expand and grow and actually turned into a bleeding, badly hurt adult white man who looked at them with evil looking eyes. The hissing sound began to change into the sound of a human crying out in pain. Jennifer was very frightened and grabbed onto her Granddad’s right leg for safety. Her Granddad said, “Holigatsv (Do you understand)?” Jennifer meekly looked into his eyes and said, “Tla (no).”

As she spoke, the snake screamed out, “I will never be ssssssorry for anything! I am glad that we have killed asssss many of you asssss we have! I am glad that we ssssstole everything from you! We are the rulersssss of Mother Earth!” Then he screamed more and his head began to turn from side to side and slowly changed in form. It became scaly and rough and took on a diamond type of shape and appeared as that of a snake.

Then the sky began to rapidly turn dark and ear shattering thunder broke the silence followed by lightning that was unlike anything Jennifer had ever seen before. Then from over the western peak of the Bogart Knob came a strong wind that carried a foul odor. Then came the ground shook violently and screams of men, women and children were heard from just over the top of the hill. Then they heard the sound of horses and gunshots and yelling and screaming. The wind grew stronger and Jennifer held on to her Granddads leg and began to cry.

Suddenly they saw them. Thousands of people trying to run away from men on horses with soldiers uniforms. The soldiers were laughing and yelling horrible things as their guns fired over and over and over and men, women and children began to litter the ground in front of them and the horses trampled all those who fell. It was so horrible and Jennifer began to sweat all over and shake in fear. One little girl was running and screaming and looking at Jennifer and seemingly was asking for help. Then, a bullet from a soldier’s gun sent her sprawling on the ground in a pool of blood and the soldier laughed hysterically. Jennifer was filled with rage.

Her Granddad reached down and turned her head to the south where she saw about 150 men doing some type of dance that she had never seen before. In a trembling voice she said, “What are they doing Granddad?” He said, “They are doing a ghost dance little one.” Jennifer asked what that was but before he could reply they saw more soldiers on horses charging toward the men who were dancing and the gunfire and screaming became deafening.

DancingAs all of this was happening the eagle flew down and landed right in front of Jennifer. Right before her eyes the eagle turned into a large, powerful looking redman. He screamed in her face, “I am Redman! This is what the snake people have done to us! What are you going to do about it little girl? What are you going to do about it? You can make a difference for our people if you open your eyes and open your heart! Look for the one named Sonny Boy! He is the one who will restore our people! Listen to Sonny Boy’s words! They are the one and only truth!” Jennifer screamed out, “Who is Sonny Boy?” Then the man reached around the left side of his head and pulled something out of his scalp. As her eyes focused on the object she saw that it was an eagle feather. He said, “This is the symbol of the Tribe of the Eagle. Show this to Sonny Boy and he will know that you are one of the chosen ones.” Then he held the beautiful eagle feather out and touched it to her right chest. She let out a scream as it burned her skin.

Scared to death she looked up at her Grandfather and he had his arms raised to the heavens and was crying and chanting. As one of his tears fell onto her little face the ground shook even more violently and a hole opened up beneath Jennifer and her Granddad and they began falling. She cried out for help and looked around to see what was happening. In the distance she could hear her Granddad cry out, “Diquenvsvi gega (I’m going home)!” She cried back, “Granddaddy! Help me!” But she fell faster and faster in the total darkness. Then she hit something very hard and passed out of consciousness.

Jennifer felt like she had been beaten up and was slowly coming out of a state of unconsciousness. Her entire body ached. As she shook her head and began to awaken she looked around and saw that she was on the floor next to her bed in her luxury condo in the affluent Washington, DC of McLean, VA. She was soaked and wet from a very cold sweat. She was shaking and nervous and vividly recalled the vision that he had just experienced. She felt a throbbing pain on her head and was surprised to find a huge bump there. As she gathered her wits about her she felt an eerie burning sensation on her chest. As she pulled her nightgown open her eyes bulged open wide in disbelief as she stared at a mark on the right side of her chest that looked like an eagle feather. The eagle feather appeared to be a tattoo. She spontaneously moved her left hand to feel the feather and was dumbfounded to find that it was a permanent marking and it was hot to the touch!

FeathersJennifer began to shake even more uncontrollable. She desperately wanted to know what was going on and how that eagle feather could appear on her skin without her knowledge. Then there was a loud banging at the front door. She glanced at the clock on her nightstand and saw that it was only 3:20am. She wondered who was at the door and how this night could possibly become any more upsetting.

After the experience that she had just been through she was very nervous. She staggered a little as she got up off the floor and went to the closet to get her bathrobe and then went to her nightstand and took out her Glock 9mm. Then she slowly approached her front door and looked through the tiny glass peephole in her door that allowed her to see anyone outside, but they couldn’t see inside.

As Jennifer peered through the small peephole she saw what appeared to be two police officers. She said with the door closed, “What do you want?” The larger man replied, “McLean Police ma’am, please open the door.” She took the safety off her weapon and put it behind her back and said, “That doesn’t answer my question. It’s 3:20am and you have come here unannounced. What is it that you want?” The larger officer replied, “We have had several complaints tonight about this residence that reported yelling and screaming and other sounds that were very disturbing. Please open the door now.”

Jennifer thought for a minute about what to do. She said, “Do you know who I am?” The officer said that he did not. She said, “I am special agent Ashby of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and I am armed.” The two officers looked at each other and both withdrew their weapons at the same time. Then the larger man said, “Lady…I don’t give a crap who you are. You need to open this door right now or I will call for backup and all hell will break loose.”

Jennifer took a deep breath and said, “I will open the door but will keep my weapon in my hand. You are not in danger as long as you are legitimate. Please take out your id’s.” Then she opened the door a crack and saw their id’s. They looked to be in order and she invited them to come in. It was very uncomfortable.

The larger officer identified himself as Sergeant Wilson and he thanked her for letting them in. Then he said, “Who else is in here?” Jennifer looked puzzled and said that no one else was there. The two officers looked at each other and then back at her. Sergeant Wilson then said, “If you could help us out lady…who were you fighting with earlier?” Jennifer replied that she hadn’t been fighting with anyone and that she had been alone all night.

The two officers looked at each other again and Sergeant Wilson said, “Well…who is Sonny Boy?” Jennifer’s mouth dropped open wide as she heard that. The officer told her that by her reaction she must know what he was talking about. Jennifer’s mind was racing as she tried to figure it all out. Then the officer said, “How did you get that big bump on the side of your head?” Jennifer’s hand spontaneously reached up and felt the bump. She said that she didn’t know. Then the officer repeated, “Who is Sonny Boy?” She said that she had no idea. The officer told her that several reports included hearing a man yelling something about Sonny Boy and there was screaming and yelling and even gunshots.

Jennifer didn’t know what to say or do. How could this be happening? What was going on? What was she going to do?

End – Part 12 – To Be Continued

© 2003 Geoff Hampton

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