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May 1, 2004 - Issue 112


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The Eagle and the Snake - Redman Speaks - Part 8

After her graduation from the University of Tennessee, she went to work for the Tennessee Department of Criminal Justice as an investigator in their fraud unit. She excelled and was promoted rapidly. She applied to the FBI, and was offered a chance to interview. Her father was elated. He did nothing to help her, as she wanted to "earn" anything that she attained in life. She had an enormous dislike for people who "scammed" and cheated their way through things. She wanted to gain recognition for a job that she had done well, not by what somebody did for her as a favor.

Jennifer was offered a job by the FBI as a field agent and so she resigned her position with the state of Tennessee. She would miss her friends and coworkers, but she was really excited about her new career. The training that Jennifer received from the FBI was very challenging, but she did very well. She graduated at the head of her class from the academy. Her father couldn't be prouder of her. He offered to take her out to dinner to celebrate her graduation and number one ranking in the class from the academy. She agreed enthusiastically.

Her father took her to dinner at one of Washington, DC's finest restaurants. He had arranged to pick her up in a stretch limousine, which Jennifer was thrilled by. The limousine came to new her apartment to pick her up. The driver came to the door, and as Jennifer opened the door to her apartment, the drivers eyes drew open wide, as Jennifer was sporting a brand new dress, and had gone for a complete beauty makeover earlier that afternoon. When the driver opened the limousine door for Jennifer, her father's mouth dropped open wide. He had never seen Jennifer so dressed up and made up before. He sort of stammered, but told her how beautiful she looked. Jennifer smiled broadly and thanked him. As she sat down in the limousine and the driver closed the door, she felt a wonderful sense of pride in what she had accomplished and how she felt right then in that magic moment. Her life was wonderful.

At the restaurant, her father spoke glowingly of how proud he was of her. He asked her what her career goals were with the FBI, and Jennifer said that she had never told anybody before, but all of her life, she had wanted to be in a position to really "make a difference", and be able to have a direct, positive impact on crime. She had always imagined herself "matching wits" with a formidable adversary, and coming out on top. Her father liked what she had said and went on to tell her that with her drive, determination and commitment, that he was sure that she would attain that goal. After dinner, she and her father selected desserts from the menu. He chose piece of Black Forest cake, and she chose a piece of Carrot cake. As the desserts came out, Jennifer was astounded to see the waiters bringing her a dozen red roses and a bunch of balloons with "congratulations" and other things printed on them. Everyone in the restaurant was looking at her and her father and smiling. The maitre'd asked for everyone's attention in the restaurant. As he got their attention, he slowly walked over to Jennifer's table, smiling broadly as he approached. He told them that these things were honoring the young lady, and that she had just accomplished a great feat, in graduating tops in her class in a difficult school. Everyone applauded loudly. Then the maitre'd asked Jennifer to stand up, which she did. Everyone clapped loudly, intermixed with a few whistle's. Jennifer was very embarrassed, but did enjoy it. She had never had anyone publicly single her out like this. It felt really good, and while she acted embarrassed, she thanked her father very much for all of it. Secretly she wished that her grandfather could see at this moment as well. She felt a twinge of pain in her heart as she thought about her granddad and knew that he would be very proud of her.

Jennifer really enjoyed her new career. She did very well and she began to advance through the ranks. As time went by, she was told of an opening for someone to head up a newly created Urban Terrorism Task Force. This interested Jennifer greatly, and she submitted her name for consideration. There were many veteran FBI staff that were interested in this newly created position. There were, much to Jennifer's disgust, people who were trying to "pull strings" and do whatever they could to be selected for the position. It annoyed her greatly, but she simply went about things in her own way. She was, much to her surprise, among the final three candidates for the position. Her father came to her apartment to meet with her. He was very proud of her, and knew how she felt about people intervening on her behalf, and he told her that he would do whatever she wished. She knew that her father could probably guarantee her the position if she elected to ask him to help, but she looked him straight in the eye, thanked him for his support, and said that while she appreciated his offer, she would either be selected, or rejected, solely based on her performance and credentials. Her father smiled and told her again, how proud of her he was. He stood up, told her goodbye, and wished her the best of luck. She thanked him again and said goodbye.

Five days later, Jennifer was notified that she was one the final two candidates for the position. She was stunned, but elated. There would be a series of meetings, whereby the two remaining candidates would be evaluated, and then the selection would be made. Jennifer was very nervous, but quite confident. She felt very strongly that her interpersonal skills would be a tremendous asset. The series of meetings turned out to be very tiring and filled Jennifer with an air of uncertainty. The interviewers had all been men, and the questions had been thought provoking, yet intimidating. The scenarios were all too real, and the effects of a miscalculation in the hypothetical scenarios would have been disastrous. There were no clear answers, she had been forced to think and react. She hoped that she had done well, but the answers were uncertain. The results of the final selection were to be revealed the following Friday morning.

Jennifer was a bundle of nerves leading up to that Friday. The Thursday before the big decision was due, Jennifer received notification that she was to appear at the FBI Director's office at 7:35am "sharp" the next morning. This brought renewed discomfort to Jennifer, as she wasn't aware of the Director himself making the announcement. She wondered what the meaning of it all? That night was very long, with very little sleep.

Jennifer was at the Director's office at 7:35 am "sharp". Making sure to walk through the door at exactly 7:35. Much to her surprise, Jack McManus, the other candidate finalist was already sitting in the lobby waiting, apparently for the Director. The two exchanged polite head nods and artificial smiles. Jennifer registered with the Director's personal secretary and sat down a couple of seats away from Jack. They were both fidgeting around nervously. The time began to slip by in an uncomfortable manner. The first disappointing time that each made mental note of was 8:00am. Then it was 8:30 am. Then it was 9:00am. Each wondered, what was going on? When 9:30am rolled around, they both jumped as the Directors personal Administrator’s phone buzzed loudly and the Directors voice directed her to "Pick up please!". The Administrator spoke softly with the Director for a moment, and looked briefly at the two of them and nodded a "yes" type of head movement as she spoke to the Director. Then she hung the phone up and stood up. She walked over to the two and much to Jennifer's surprise, she asked her to go immediately into the Director's office. Jennifer's mind was racing a mile a minute. Did she get called first with Jack still waiting because Jack was going to be selected? She would know the answer soon enough.

As she walked in, she noticed that the Director, Mr. Jed Bookings, was looking down at some papers on his desk, and did not look up at her as she entered. She felt awkward, but summoned up the courage and strength to say "Good morning, sir!" Slowly, Mr. Bookings began to raise his head and eyes, and their eyes met. She could not read his response, and he had yet to acknowledge her greeting. He said gruffly, "Have a seat." Immediately Jennifer sat down, now feeling very uncomfortable. Mr. Bookings lowered his eyes again, and seemed to be reviewing some paperwork in front of him. Again, time began to pass in an uncomfortable fashion. Jennifer was doing the best she could not to seem nervous, or anxious. She sat perfectly still, waiting for the Director to make the next move. She sat still for over an hour. Finally, the Director, who had been turning page, after page, after page, stopped and looked up at Jennifer. Her eyes popped open wide. She managed to force a sterile looking smile at the Director, who just looked at her rather seriously. He finally spoke, saying, "Ms. Ashby, you have selected as one of two finalists for the extremely important position as Director of our new, elite task force on urban terrorism. Ms. Ashby, this position is dangerous, and the effects of a flawed decision could put tens of thousands, and perhaps even millions American citizens in extreme danger. I am a member of the "old order". I have served the FBI for 30 years. I am personal friends with your father. He amazed me by telling me that under no circumstances am I to use that relationship as anything in this important decision. These words he told me came from you. Is that true, Ms. Ashby?" Jennifer responded immediately to the affirmative. The Director continued, "Ms. Ashby, there is a gentleman waiting in the lobby. He also would like to be selected for this new position. He has a lot more time in the Bureau than you, doesn't he Ms. Ashby?" Jennifer nodded her head meekly to the affirmative. The Director continued, "You see Ms. Ashby, you and he both went through the same intensive interviewing and scenario response questioning. Although he has so much more experience, you graded considerably higher than he did. This, Ms. Ashby can be the only criteria that should be used to select the person for this position. I do however, have the absolute right to make any decision that I feel will best serve this important role. That is why you are both here this morning. That is why you both have had to wait so long. You see, Ms. Ashby, it is very important that I make the correct decision...the first time. Do you honestly feel that you can outperform this man...under fire...and under the most stressful conditions imaginable...Ms. Ashby?" Jennifer looked at the Director and spoke, "Sir, with all due respect, I know that I am the right person for this position, and it has precious little to do with Mr. McManus, and his abilities. He is a legend, sir. However, you know in your heart that I am the right person, and I honestly believe that you will make the right decision."

Director Bookings looked puzzled for a moment, but then a sly little grin began to appear at the corner of his mouth. He said, "Ms. have truly amazed me. You see, in the field, I cannot have anyone who may hesitate. While Mr. McManus may not hesitate, I truly believe that you will not either. Your response here this morning, coupled with your scoring, has convinced me that it's high time I quite looking for reasons not to give the position to you, but to move forward, as of this moment, with you as the newly appointed Director of this important task force. Congratulations, Ms. Ashby. You are the new Director of the Urban Terrorism task force." Jennifer stood up immediately and moved to shake the Director's hand. Both had smiles stretching from ear to ear. Jennifer politely thanked him for his decision. Then the Director said, "Ms. Ashby, as Director of the task force, your first item of business is to inform Mr. McManus of my decision." Jennifer's head tilted to the side with a smile as she tried to read the Director's face. Surely he was kidding. After a moment, he let her know that he was kidding. He asked her to sit back down, because he wanted her present as he relayed the decision to Jack McManus. Jennifer felt slightly awkward, but respected the Director's decision. The Director picked up his phone and asked his personal secretary to tell Mr. McManus to come in.

End – Part 8 – To Be Continued

© 2003 Geoff Hampton

Geoff Hampton is an internationally known author, speaker, motivator and business consultant. Hampton is the Executive Director for St. Mary's Health & Fitness Center in Powell, TN and is also a regular columnist for the wellness/fitness Website as well as Canku Ota. He can be reached by E-mail at His national anti-obesity/diabetes campaign, The Wellness Wakeup Challenge can be reviewed at

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