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March 20, 2004 - Issue 109


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The Eagle and the Snake – Redman Speaks – Part 6


Traditional DancerThe seven spiritual leaders each had their own special place where they felt most comfortable. At these special places, each sought wisdom and direction many times through the years. As each one traveled to their special places, their minds became filled with too many words and a sense of confusion. As they each set up camp at their own private spot, their deliberations and searching began. They each started chanting and softly drumming. Their eyes searched the daytime sky. Their eyes searched the evening sky. They could not sleep. None ate food.

On the third day of their spiritual searching, each began dancing rituals. They were exhausted and their hunger was severe. They built great fires at night to dance and chant by. On the fifth day they each built a sweat lodge. While exhausted, the sweat felt so good to them. As the time progressed each at their separate location experienced a great vision. In their great vision, there was at first a great light that blinded their eyes. They tried to cover their eyes with their hands, but the blinding light was not diminished. They felt as though they would cry out in pain because their eyes began to feel as though they were on fire. After what seemed like an eternity to the men, the light slowly began to transform into a face.

The light began to pale and the face became very clear. A voice came forth from the face and it spoke, saying, "I am Thunder. I am the one with whom Redman came to so very long ago. I, along with Raven Spirit, the first tribal leader of the Tribe of the Eagle have requested an opportunity to communicate with you. I will speak first. You have a decision to make that will mean the very future of our people everywhere. We are all of a strong heritage and yet we have all had our land stolen from us by the white man. The white man has murdered our people and driven us like animals from our beloved homelands. The truth is that the white man has always been very powerful and treacherous. Today, the white man is much more powerful than you can even imagine. I have seen their power. I have heard our brave warriors speak of death to these white men. The brave words seems to speak of justice for our people. Even in the spirit world these words ring of deserved retribution. But…I speak to you only of truth. The white man's power is indescribable. I know that our brave warriors will give up their lives in search of the retribution, but then we will only have more dead brothers and the white man will still live on. The decision that you seek is not simple. It is dangerous if you decide upon war. It is dangerous if you decide upon peace. The white mans laws create horror for his own people. The white man lives in a world filled with hatred and lies. His leader's words are all lies. Even to his own people, nothing but lies. The white man steals from his own people. What then can we expect from him in our word of peace? What therefore can we expect from him in our word of war? The white mans armies and weapons defy description. As Redman spoke to you, our word of war is not of complete war, but of a single night of incredible terror. This single night of terror, if secrecy is maintained and the tribe's cooperate has a chance of creating panic and confusion for the white man's nation. The result may be the destroying of his government. Then the question do we benefit from this and what is the retaliation that the white man will bring against our people if they discover that we were the one's that destroyed their government? Your decision is very difficult. I offer only words. I cannot think for you. That can only come from within your spirit." Then, the face slowly changed.

Raven and Totem PoleThe second face began to speak saying, "My name is Raven Spirit. I am the first tribal chief of the great Tribe of the Eagle. I have requested the opportunity to speak to you along with Thunder. Your sacred mission is very important. Your decision will be the word of life for many of our people, yet it will be also be the word of death for many more. I mean this to be my offering of only words for you. You must make the decision as to how our people will live forevermore. I know that you have heard the story's of what our people have endured. Unfortunately, your decision will not bring back one murdered child of our people, nor will it restore our land. Your decision can only be the fulfillment of your destiny. Your destiny was outlined many years before your birth. Being born into the Tribe of the Eagle meant that you were a hero of our people for the rest of your days here in the physical world on mother earth. You are the blood of the great tribes spiritually blended so many years ago by Redman. Your forefathers look on with great pride. Your decision cannot be wrong. Be it peace, be it war. We in the spirit world love you and support you either way. Tonight you will fall into a deep sleep. When you awaken tomorrow, you will feel refreshed and your answer will be very clear to you. So, go and sleep now until tomorrow morning my brave brothers." As Raven Spirit finished speaking, the seven staggered from their sweat lodges and became very tired and fell into a deep, deep sleep.

Each awoke the next morning very quickly. They sat straight up and looked at the sky. A tremendous storm was passing over. As they gazed upward towards the heavens a tremendous bolt of lightning, accompanied by an ear-shattering clap of thunder answered all of their questions. Each one of the seven hastily packed their camp gear to head back to rejoin the others. None of them knew that the other spiritual leaders had all experienced the same vision.

As each of them made their way back to the tribe, their minds were filled with amazement and excitement. Each one wondering if the others had already returned, or if the others had come to their decision, and wondered what the others decision would be. Would their decision's all be the same? Was their decision the right decision? They could not help but wonder because their decision would be final.

Each arrived back with the other members of the tribe at almost the exact same time. The tribe members were excited, but were also filled with nervous tension. Each of the seven spiritual leaders nervously waited to reveal their decisions. Thunder Wolf took control of the situation and directed the tribe to gather for a great fire and the answer from the spiritual leaders.

The fire was hastily prepared and each spiritual leader returned to their tent to await Thunder Wolf's call. Thunder Wolf had directed each of them to write down their decision so that none may be influenced by the others. Thunder Wolf got the tribe settled by the fire and began to speak to them, saying, "On this great day, we will discover the answer to the question that has taken so many years to be delivered to us. In the past we have had doubters among us. Many who thought that this day would never come. We have had many experiences that have forged who we are and what we stand for. We stand for our brothers and sisters everywhere. We are the pure blood of some of the greatest tribes that have ever blessed Mother Earth. We are powerful, yet we are compassionate. Our very lives have been created for one purpose. That purpose is to deliver our people to a higher level of existence in this here on our beloved mother earth. As our brothers come before us now to reveal their decisions, we will abide by it no matter what it may be. There are seven spiritual leaders, so a decision is forthcoming today. This is the day that we...the great Tribe of the Eagle were created for. Call now our seven brothers so that we may know our destiny." Then there was silence.

Thunder Wolf looked at "Deer Spirit" and nodded. Deer Spirit moved towards the spiritual leader's tents and summoned them. As they approached, the entire tribe was filled with great anxiety. There had been seven seats assembled for them in front of Thunder Wolf. Thunder Wolf allowed them to sit in silence for a period of time. Then he spoke to them, saying, "Wise spiritual leaders of the Tribe of the Eagle, have you each come to a decision?". They each nodded their heads yes. Then Thunder Wolf called them each by name, saying, "Swift Eagle”, you have come to a decision and I await your words, so directing this great tribe."

Swift Eagle stood before the tribe and took a very deep breath. He spoke, saying, "My decision is that the sacred Tribe of the Eagle will bring our word of…..WAR to the white man.". Swift Eagle's last few words were completely drowned out by chaotic jubilation by everyone in the tribe except the other six spiritual leaders and Thunder Wolf. Thunder Wolf stood and demanded silence. Slowly, the members of the tribe settled down and listened again to their leader. "Swift Eagle's words are pure. This then is his decision. Now I want to hear Jim Fox's words."

Slowly, Jim Fox stood up before the tribe. He slowly and deliberately looked around the fire at all present. Then he too spoke, saying, "My decision is that the sacred Tribe of the Eagle will bring our word of……WAR to the white man." Again, as with Swift Eagle, Jim Fox's final words were drowned out by screams and cries of joy from the tribe. Again, Thunder Wolf stood to demand silence. This time however, there were shouts of "Death to the white man!", and many other things by the great warriors of the tribe. For the first time ever, Thunder Wolf had to speak a second time, asking for silence. This time, however, his voice was uncharacteristically raised. The tribe quickly quieted down to hear his words. However, there were tremendous smiles on every warriors face, as they now felt certain that war would be the final decision. This was the moment that they had waited for all of their lives. This was also the very moment that they had trained so hard for all. It seemed like a dream come true for the warriors. Again, Thunder Wolf spoke, saying, "Jim Fox's words are pure. This then is his decision. Now I want to hear Coyote Spirit's words."

Again, the spiritual leader stood up very slowly. He looked at his brothers and sisters surrounding the great fire. He was pleased at their enthusiasm. Coyote Spirit also drew in a very deep breath before he began to speak, saying, "Coyote Spirit's decision for the great Tribe of the Eagle is that we will bring our word of......WAR to the white man." Now the scene was absolute bedlam. Tribal warriors were shouting battle cry's, while their women were laughing and crying at the same time. The scene was indescribable. This time, Thunder Wolf waited a few moments before addressing the tribe again. Thunder Wolf spoke to the tribe at first softly, then repeatedly louder, until finally, on his fourth call to, the tribe, they began to settle down. He spoke, saying. "Coyote Spirits words are pure. This then is his decision. Now I want to hear Drew Turtle Shell's words."

The spiritual leader Drew Turtle Shell stood up before the tribe. His eyes seemed very intense as he also took time to look at his brothers and sisters. He seemed to be looking into their eyes as though he was trying to feel their individual spirits personally. Drew Turtle Shell also drew in a very, very deep breath before his words were heard. He said, "My decision is that this sacred tribe, the Tribe of the Eagle will bring our word of......WAR to the white man." Again, the chaotic scene was repeated. At this point, with four of the seven spiritual leaders having brought their word of War against the white man, everyone knew that the stage was set. It would now simply be a formality to have the last three spiritual leaders speak. The die had been cast and there could never be any turning back. The Tribe of the Eagle was now prepared to fulfill their destiny.

Immediate plans were made to contact the seven great western tribes that Redman had named. Seven of the Tribe of the Eagle’s best warriors were selected to travel secretly, and with great haste to the spiritual leaders of the other tribes to get the word out to meet. The warriors that were chosen included "Running Bear", "Tom Coyote", "Swift Deer", “Billy Crow Spirit”, "Johnny Wing Feather", "Six Eagles" and one of the tribes favorite sons, "Sonny Boy", who was very funny, yet a fierce warrior. Sonny Boy was a direct descendent of Raven Spirit, and he had always entertained everyone with his wit and humor, as well as impressing everyone with his lack of fear and fierce fighting skills. Everyone knew that the message these brave warriors were carrying would forever change the course of history.

End – Part 6 – To Be Continued

© 2003 Geoff Hampton

Geoff Hampton is an internationally known author, speaker, motivator and business consultant. Hampton is the Executive Director for St. Mary's Health & Fitness Center in Powell, TN and is also a regular columnist for the wellness/fitness Website as well as Canku Ota. He can be reached by E-mail at His national anti-obesity/diabetes campaign, The Wellness Wakeup Challenge can be reviewed at

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