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November 1, 2003 - Issue 99


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Thunderhawk – The Curse of the Robin Redbeast – Part 5


Sleeping MouseAs Paden lay there in the blackest darkness he could ever imagine he began to slowly have a feeling of awareness return to him. He noticed that it was very cold and he couldn't see anything. He tried to sit up but there was no feeling of movement. Then he called out softly, "Hello. Hello. Penny? Pat? Tanasi? Is anyone there?" But there was nothing but darkness and silence. It was very scary and Paden had no idea what was going on. Then he thought he noticed something way up above him. He thought he saw a light sort of glowing and going through different stages of brightness. It slowly began to get brighter and brighter and appeared to be moving slowly closer to him. He didn't know what to think.

Gramma MouseThen he thought he heard a faint voice off in the distance. It seemed to be coming from the light he saw. It slowly got louder and he was finally able to hear what the voice was saying. It was saying, "Paden! Paden! I'm coming for you Paden!" It really scared the little mouse badly. It sounded like Tanasi! He was afraid that she was coming to take him to the spirit world ... just like she had told him she was going to do. Paden tried to call out for help, but now his voice made no sound. He tried harder to yell out loud but no sound would come out of his mouth. Then he tried to scream as loud as he could ... but nothing came out. The light was getting brighter and the voice of Tanasi was getting louder. Paden finally stopped struggling and just waited for whatever was going to happen to him. Then he felt as if his body was being lifted up and moved toward the light. Then off in the distance he saw Tanasi and she was waving to him as though she wanted him to come to her. Her body was illuminated by the bright light and she looked so beautiful. Paden had never felt more comfortable and happy in his entire life. He didn't know what was happening but it felt so wonderful and he smiled back at Tanasi and let go of any resistance.

Meanwhile, Penny was crying and chanting next to Paden who lay motionless on his little bed. Pat had just returned when he heard a voice calling out to him. It said, "Pilgrim! Pilgrim! Come out here right now!" Pat recognized the voice as that of Owaso. Pat felt like his heart just jumped into his throat. He wondered if Owaso had been able to find out some news about how to save his beloved little Paden. He jumped up to run outside to meet Owaso and stumbled and fell in his hurry. He got up again and ran outside to find Owaso with another medicine mouse.

Scared MouseOwaso said, "Follow us Pilgrim!" and immediately turned and started walking away with the other medicine mouse. They were moving quickly and Pat had to jog to keep up. His mind was thinking a thousand thoughts all at the same time. Finally he said, "Owaso! Where are we going?" Owaso did not answer. Suddenly Pat realized again that they were heading to the sacred spot where loved ones were sent on their journey to the spirit world. He cried out, "Owaso! Stop! I don't want to go there!" Owaso turned and angrily told Pat to be silent and follow them. Pat was angry, but he did follow.

Finally they got to a spot right on the edge of the sacred burial ground and the second medicine mouse turned and looked right into Pat's eyes. He said, "Pilgrim ... I am Crow Talker. I have come a long way to help you with little Paden. We are very late and he has already begun his journey to the spirit world. The sacred mouse Tanasi is coming for him right now. It will be very unlikely that we can bring him back at this point, but if it can be done ... I will be the one who can do it." Pat was silent as he stared at Crow Talker.

RattlesCrow Talker looked at Owaso and said, "It is time." Then they both began to dance a strange dance that Pat had never seen before. Both Crow Talker and Owaso began to chant as they danced and Crow Talker had some kind of rattle that was shaped like a small turtle shell. Pat had never seen anything like it before and Crow Talker was shaking the rattle in rhythm to their chanting. As the two medicine mice chanted it seemed like Pat could hear muffled voices up in the air above them. At first it sounded like a female voice calling to Paden. Then he thought he heard Paden calling back. Paden was saying how beautiful the light was and he was telling the female mouse that he was coming. This was scary for Pat and he didn't know what to think. Then the sounds became jumbled and Pat couldn't tell what was happening. The chanting was getting louder and more intense. Then suddenly Pat heard Penny cry out, "Pat! Come here right now!"

Pat ran as fast as he could to get to Penny's side. As he ran into the room Penny screamed out, "Paden just moved! He grabbed my paw and held it tightly. He started breathing more normally again Pat! I don't know what happened, but all of a sudden his body made a jerking movement, he moaned out loud and grabbed my paw!"

Happy MousePat ran around to the other side of the bed and grabbed Paden's other paw. Paden squeezed his paw too! Pat cried out in joy! He couldn't believe what was happening. Then he thought about the two medicine mice and what they had been doing. He told Penny that he would right back. She asked him where he was going but he didn't answer, he just ran as fast as he could.

As he approached the sacred ground he saw Owaso slumped on the ground and Crow Talker was nowhere to be seen. Pat ran over to Owaso and knelt down beside him. He didn't seem to be breathing and Pat gently shook him. Owaso softly groaned and rolled over and looked at Pat. He smiled a weak smile and said, "Howdy Pilgrim. How's everything going?" Pat said, "It's a miracle! Paden started breathing normally again and started gripping our paws again like he did before he faded off to whatever it was that was happening to him!"

Owaso smiled and said, "That's nice Pilgrim. You never know what The Great Creator may grant to certain medicine mice that he may not for others. For as long as I have been alive I have never been told why or had any way to understand why. There are many mysteries that we can not explain and never will understand for as long as we exist here in the physical world. I have learned not to question any of it and just do what I am asked that may be of help. Crow Talker is the best medicine mouse that there is and you will never see him unless it is an extreme situation and then somehow he just appears. We are truly lucky that he made an appearance here tonight. However, this is something that you must not reveal to any living creature for as long as you remain here in the physical world. Do you understand me Pilgrim?" Pat nodded his head in agreement. Then Pat said, "Owaso, are you okay?" Owaso said, "Yes Pilgrim. I am just very tired. By mornings light I will be refreshed, but for now I must rest. Please go back to your beloved Penny's side and keep up the vigil for little Paden." Pat said he would and thanked Owaso from the bottom of his heart.

Mouse StarAs Pat made his way back to Paden's side he was full of joy and emotion. He wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. Suddenly tears started streaming down his face and he fell on knees to thank The Great Creator for all that he had done for them that strange cold night so long ago.

The Great Creator heard Pat's message and he just smiled and nodded his head in approval. It was going to be a wonderful night in happy valley after all!

To be continued ...

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© 2003 Geoff Hampton

Geoff Hampton is an internationally known author, speaker, motivator and business consultant. Hampton is the Executive Director for St. Mary's Health & Fitness Center in Powell, TN and is also a regular columnist for the wellness/fitness Website as well as Canku Ota. He can be reached by E-mail at His national anti-obesity/diabetes campaign, The Wellness Wakeup Challenge can be reviewed at

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