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October 18, 2003 - Issue 98


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Thunderhawk – The Curse of the Robin Redbeast – Part 4

by Geoff Hampton

Grandmother MouseAs Paden laid there on his soft bed of moss in the homeground his mind was clouded with many different visions. Some were scary, some were sad and some were funny. All at once his clouded mind cleared and Tanasi, keeper of the mice of the valley of the river appeared to him in a brightly glowing form. Paden covered his eyes as the light was so bright. After a few moments of silence the glow began to fade and the great mouse of the spiritual realm began to speak softly to Paden. She said, "Paden…I have come to take you on your journey to the spirit world where you will stay forever more. You will never again suffer any pain or distress and your existence will be completely different than anything that you have ever even imagined before. It will be a wonderful time for you!"

Paden was stunned. His head was cocked to the left with a look of amazement on his cute little face. He stared blankly for a few minutes and finally said, "Huh? What do you mean? Do you mean that I will never be able to see Penny and Pat or my sister and cousins and friends again?" Tanasi smiled and again spoke softly saying, "Paden…it is not that you will never see them again. It is just that it may be awhile before you see them again. When it is their time to leave the physical world, then you will see them again and you will all be happy together and then never, ever be separated again. You will be able to see some of your old friends that have left the physical world and now are happily enjoying their time in the spiritual world as soon as we get there. However, once you step into the spirit world it is forever."

Sleeping MousePaden was listening very carefully to Tanasi but was trying to figure out if this was real or if it was just some weird dream. There was silence for a long time as Paden looked at her and she politely awaited his response. Finally Paden said, "Hey! Is this something that I can choose to do…or is this something that I don't have any choice in?"

Tanasi smiled again as she looked at Paden and said, "Paden…you have been making this choice for several days now. You have made your physical body very weak through a lack of food and a great deal of stress that you have just gone through with the Robin Redbeast. You see, all of the Great Creators creatures have a great deal of control as to when they leave the physical world. Obviously there are times when there is no choice and a creature is killed, but far too many creatures fail to take proper care of their body's and as a result, they are taken from the physical world. Then they go to the spirit world to never return again to their loved ones in the physical world. This is very sad for the ones left behind. Yes…one day they will be reunited, but for the surviving family and friends the loss of the loved one creates great pain that in some cases never leaves their hearts for as long as they remain in the physical world."

Paden looked very sad after hearing those words. He knew that he had created a great deal of stress for Pat and Penny. He said, "Tanasi, are Pat and Penny okay?" Tanasi paused a moment and said, "Paden…if you wish, we can go see how they're doing. Would you like that?" Paden said, "Yes! Please! I would really like that." Tanasi smiled a little smile and nodded her head up and down letting Paden know that she understood what he wanted.

Grandmother MouseThe next thing Paden knew he and Tanasi were standing behind Pat and Penny who were kneeling on both sides of his bed crying and holding each others paws. As they were crying they were chanting and praying to the Great Creator and were asking for Paden to be spared so that he could return to them. Paden starting crying and said, "I'm sorry Penny!" but she didn't even look up to answer him. Tanasi gently took his left paw and said, "Paden…they cannot hear you here with me. If you look closely, you will see that they are actually both leaning over your physical body as they chant and pray to the Great Creator."

Paden looked and then he saw himself lying on his bed with his eyes shut tight. He said, "Whoah! How can I be standing here with you and laying there on that bed? Hey! What's wrong with my body? I look terrible and ug-a-lee! What's wrong with me?" Tanasi squeezed his paw gently again and smiled saying, "Paden. Your physical body is barely alive. They all fear in their hearts that you are about to die and leave them here in the physical world. In fact…that is why I am here…remember?" Paden responded meekly, "Uh huh. I remember. They look so sad. I don't like it."

Tanasi then said, "If only more creatures could have the opportunity to see how much their illnesses and poor health hurt their loved ones and friends when the fear of dying is heavy on their hearts and even worse, when the loved one really does die. I think it would dramatically change the habits of all creatures to live their lives more carefully and take better care of their body's. There is so much that can be controlled and the pain of loss in terrible." Paden was meekly shaking his head up and down as he sniffled and fought back more tears.

Suddenly Paden felt very uncomfortable. He blurted out, "I don't want to go to the spirit world yet! I want to go back to Pat and Penny and make them proud of me. I want to feel their loving kindness again! Please Tanasi! Help me! Help me!" Then there was nothing. Paden was now no longer aware of anything. There was just emptiness and blackness all around him.

Pat and Penny were slowly getting worn out. Finally Pat noticed that Penny had actually drifted off to sleep and was lying on top of Paden instinctively to keep his little body warm during the cool mountain evening. Pat took that opportunity to quietly leave the room to try to find Owaso and see if he had come up with any new ideas about how to save Paden.

OwlThe homeground was silent with most of the community sound asleep. He heard a Barred Owl calling off in the distance, "Who who…who who".

Pat called softly for Owaso but got no reply. He began to run to try to cover more ground more quickly. He was very worried about Paden and knew that time was short for his beloved little nephew. Then Pat saw the elder Brogan sitting quietly under a tree gazing up at the heavens. He stopped running and waited a moment out of respect to see if Brogan would acknowledge him. He did not. Finally Pat cleared his throat, "Aaaah Hmmmm!" and Brogan looked like Pat had scared him. All at once he jumped up and looked at Pat with his eyes bulging out of his head and said, "Oh, sorry Pilgrim! I was just admiring the Great Creators work. The heavens are so beautiful, especially on a clear cold night like tonight…you know what I mean lad?" Pat thanked Brogan for recognizing him and said that he agreed about the beauty of the heavens. Then he asked him, "Mr. Brogan, sir, have you seen the medicine mouse Owaso tonight?"

Brogan pushed his hat back and scratched his head. Then he said, "You know lad…I don't remember seeing Owaso at all this evening. I'm sorry. Can I be a helpin' ya' with something?" Pat said, "Well sir…Owaso was going to try to find some help for poor little Paden." Brogan said, "Oh lad. I'm so sorry to hear the bad news about little Paden I'll be a prayin' for ya'." Pat thanked him and Brogan kind of grunted a response to him and started to look up at the heavens again.

Scared MouseThen Pat was on his way again looking for Owaso. He knew that time was running out with each passing minute and poor little Paden had less and less of a chance of making it through this difficult time. In fact, Pat was afraid that Paden would not even make it through the night. He could only hope that he would find Owaso soon and that Owaso would have some good news. Otherwise he knew it would be the end for Paden.

To be continued

© 2003 Geoff Hampton

Geoff Hampton is an internationally known author, speaker, motivator and business consultant. Hampton is the Executive Director for St. Mary's Health & Fitness Center in Powell, TN and is also a regular columnist for the wellness/fitness Website as well as Canku Ota. He can be reached by E-mail at His national anti-obesity/diabetes campaign, The Wellness Wakeup Challenge can be reviewed at

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