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July 26, 2003 - Issue 92


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Opportunities - Page One


Here you will find listings of:


  • Positions Available - including Fellowships and Internships;
  • Scholarship, Award and Grant Information; and
  • Event Announcements.

We receive these announcements from various sources including Harvard University Native American Program (HUNAP) and NativeShare


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UPDATE on American Indian Airwaves

July 16th Interview with David Wilkins (Lumbee) on "Judicial Imperialism and Federal Indian Law Part 1"
Featured Artist: Jim Cooper "Echoes of Time Past" Contact info:**
July 23rd Interview with David Wilkins (Lumbee) on "Judicial Imperialism and Federal Indian Law Part 2"
Interview with Dianna Myers Bahr, author of "Living In Two Worlds: Viola Martinez (Piute)"
Featured Artist: tentative STONEFEATHER "State of Mind" Contact info:**

**Featured artist on American Indian Airwaves are Native American artist and musicians that do not have contracts with either any major record company or any major indigenous owned and/or operated label. To our knowledge, these are artists are being showcased and receiving airplay for the first time in all of Southern California.

Larry Smith (Lumbee)
American Indian Airwaves
KPFK FM 90.7 Los Angeles
FM 98.7 Santa Barbara

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Upcoming "Wisdom of the Giveaway Conference"
to Establish Partnerships That Strengthen Native American Giving

FREDERICKSBURG, Va. - First Nations Development Institute will be hosting its third Wisdom of the Giveaway Conference on September 8-10, 2003, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to promote asset-building and formalized giving in
Native American communities.

The event is co-sponsored by the Forest County Potawatomi Community Foundation, a charitable giving program of the Forest County Potawatomi Tribe. The Forest County Potawatomi Community Foundation, which donated
over $3.6 million to nonprofit organizations in the greater Milwaukee area in 2001, is hosting the conference at their Potawatomi Bingo Casino/Conference Center.

The conference series brings together representatives from tribes, foundations, regional nonprofits, and governments to share their experience, knowledge, and networks about formalized philanthropic giving.
It is designed to:

  • Facilitate the creation of sovereign Native American philanthropic funds and foundations.
  • Inform tribes and tribal members of the tax benefits in formalized giving.
  • Inform tribes, inter-tribal organizations, and mainstream foundations on the myriad sovereign legal structures that support asset-building in a way unique to tribes as they create nonprofit and philanthropic structures.
  • Strengthen the Native American nonprofit sector as a whole. o Bring philanthropies together to share knowledge and expertise.
  • Build partnerships to strengthen Native American philanthropy for the benefit of both Native and non-Native communities.
  • Leverage national education, research, networking, and policy activities with regional knowledge, networks, and hands-on philanthropic activities to strengthen Native philanthropy on a regional basis.
  • Increase the capacities of tribes, inter-tribal organizations, and other Native entities to control, manage, leverage, and increase philanthropic assets.

"One of the things that is going to happen through Native-controlled foundations is that more and more tribes are going to be involved in formalized giving," said Rebecca Adamson (Cherokee), president and founder of First Nations Development Institute. "It allows tribes to become effective grantmakers, offers them a public relations vehicle, and gives mainstream philanthropy an understanding of what is needed and what can work in Indian Country."

The conference is being held during Milwaukee's annual Indian Summer Festival, an event that celebrates the rich diversity of traditional and contemporary Native American culture. This year's festival theme, "Returning the Gift," provides an ideal backdrop for Wisdom of the Giveaway, with conference registrants receiving free admission.

For additional information contact Megan Hunter, (540) 371-5615,, or check the First Nations' website at

First Nations Development Institute was founded in 1980 to assist Native communities in controlling their assets and in building capacity to direct their economic future.

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Native Americas Journal Rides Again

Native Americas, the award-winning journal of Indigenous issues, rides again. We moved this past season and are now established as part of a major national/international center - the First Nations Development Institute. Our many contributors and circle of Indigenous researchers and thinkers are poised for another decade of crucial journalism about and for the Native Americas.

Over the years, we have been successful in establishing Native Americas as a leading voice on Indigenous concerns throughout the Americas. The publication has drawn praise from reviewers and readers alike. Most
importantly, Native Americas is the publication of choice for many Native peoples, ranging from the Gwitch'in Athabascan of Alaska to the Kekchi Maya of Guatemala, due to its analytical, dependable, and crucial coverage. That coverage has won Native Americas numerous journalism awards over the years and frequent citations in the mainstream media. It is difficult to browse through any new anthology or research volume on contemporary Native issues without seeing references to Native Americas' research and writing.

Our recent move to First Nations Development Institute - a thriving and well-established Native organization that is paving the way for culturally appropriate economic development for Indigenous communities - is very exciting. The terrifically active and dynamic base of First Nations and its long-standing programs for Native-controlled economic development - its dynamic ties to grassroots projects and trends - and the merging of Native Americas' intellectual and journalistic resources will prove to be a powerful combination as we seek to increase understanding of, and support for, Indigenous issues.

We have established a standard of excellence for publications that report on Indigenous issues and invite you to stay with us as we continue to bring this important source of Indigenous knowledge and perspective to you.

Our new mailing address is:

Native Americas Journal
c/o First Nations Development Institute
2300 Fall Hill Ave., Suite 412
Fredericksburg, VA 22401

Tel: (540) 371-5615
Fax: (540) 371-3505
Internet: /

P.S.: Don't miss our most recent issue: with a compelling essay on American Indians through the Twentieth century; insights on philanthropy; articles on the intersections of Indian lands and conservancy biospheres; Islamic
proselytizing among Maya peoples; and more.

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World Summit Of Indigenous Entrepreneurs: A New Mechanism for Shared Prosperity

World Summit Of Indigenous Entrepreneurs: A New Mechanism for Shared Prosperity

Toronto, Canada
August 18th-20th, 2003

A program of the World Trade University in Honor of the United Nations Decade of the World’s Indigenous People

Goals of the Summit are to:

  1. Develop a dialogue with fellow indigenous entrepreneurs
  2. Initiate a flow of ideas and information across all boundaries and borders
  3. A potential formation of joint ventures and development of organizations to promote indigenous products
  4. Possibly establish an institute for indigenous knowledge
  5. Discuss issues of greatest importance to Indigenous entrepreneurs
  6. Provide networking opportunities between entrepreneurs and venture capital organizations

The World Summit of Indigenous Entrepreneurs (WSIE) is designed to provide a global forum for indigenous (i.e. Native, First Nations, Aboriginal) entrepreneurs from a variety of industries in countries around the world, as well as other entrepreneurs who wish to do business with indigenous people. The WSIE will include plenary sessions by experts in international trade, aboriginal banking, and other fields, and several hands-on interactive workshops that provide participants with the opportunity to network, advertise their products and services and explore joint venture opportunities.

The WSIE focuses on diversity through the selection of participants from a broad range of sectors including food and agriculture, information and communication technology, textiles and fabrics, biotechnology, energy, e-commerce, exports/imports, finance and investment, transportation and manufacturing, tourism, gaming, arts and handicrafts, natural resources management, and traditional knowledge. During the selection process we will also do our utmost to ensure diversity of representation among indigenous tribes and groups, countries and regions of the world, and gender.

The Summit operates on a selection-by-invitation basis, with rigorous standards for selection. Individuals must be nominated by a business or organization - their local chamber of commerce, business association, or other relevant organization.

Participants may be of indigenous (i.e. First Nations, Aboriginal) descent or be interested in doing business with indigenous peoples.

For more information contact Phillip Trip (Karuk):
Phone number: 415.283.4757

Co-Chair of the Summit and Global Coordinator is Sujit Chowdhury email:

To get an online application or to find our details please see:

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American Indian Airwaves

American Indian Airwaves show cases every Wednesday an independent American Indian Artist and/or Musician (music group). These are artist in the community that are not any major music label within, and outside of, Indian Country. If you are an American Indian Artist and/or Musician interested in "possibly" having one of your songs showcased on our show please forward a copy of at least one track on CD to the following address below.

Best to everyone and thanks for your support.

Larry Smith (Lumbee Nation)
American Indian Airwaves
3729 Cahuenga Blvd.West
North Hollywood, CA 91604

Mail CD to:
American Indian Airwaves
Attn: Larry Smith
P.O. Box 1437
Goleta, CA 93116-1437
Please provide the following information:
Name of Artist/Musicians:
A brief bio about the artist/musicsian(s) contribution to Indian Country
Track Title if a CD single is being sent in.
Contact information where listeners can contact the Artist/Musician(s) for more information.
UPDATE on American Indian Airwaves
July 23rd
  • Interview with American Indian Scholar, David Wilkins (Lumbee) on "Judicial Imperialism and Federal Indian Law Part 2"
  • Interview with Diana Myers Bahr, author of "Viola Martinez, California Paiute:Living in Two Worlds"
  • Featured Artist: STONEFEATHER "State of Mind" Contact info:**
July 30th
  • Indigenous women's perspectives on issues involving Indian Country
  • Women Collective: Georgianna Sanchez (Chumash) and Helen Hererra (Apache)
  • Featured Artist: TB

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