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March 22, 2003 - Issue 83


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Label the Beetle

by Enchanted Learning

Print out the coloring picture of the beetle and add labels to the following:


the segmented tail area of a beetle that contains the heart, reproductive organs, and most of the digestive system


like all insects, beetles have 2 segmented antennae

Compound Eye

a faceted eye made up of many hexagonal lenses


(plural elytra) elytra are hardened fore wings that protect the longer hind wings


the head is at the front end of the beetle's body and is the location of the brain, the two compound eyes, the mouth parts, the pharynx (the start of the digestive system), and the points of attachment of its two antennae.

Hind Wing

beetles have two hind wings, used for flying (or swimming). These long wings can be folded under the elytra when not in use.


like all insects, beetles have 6 jointed legs


the jaws

Maxillary Palps

long, segmented mouth parts that grasp the food


the middle area of the beetle's body - where the legs and wings are attached

Check your answers here:

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