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February 8, 2003 - Issue 80


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Joseph Flying Bye


by Center Records


Joseph Flying Bye - Kangi Hotanka was a pejuta wicasa (medicine man), akicita (decorated war veteran), and wakan wicasa (holy man or spiritual healer) from the Hunkpapa tribe of the Lakota / Sioux Nation on the Standing Rock Reservation.

He spent much of his early years helping his blind grandfather prepare medicines and pray over sick people. He would often lead his grandfather into town and listen to the old men talk of battles and life on the open plains. His grandmother would also tell him creation stories at night and in these ways he became a keeper of traditional knowledge and culture.

Joseph Flying Bye (Kangi HoTanka-Crow with a Loud Voice) has been featured, over the years, in many recordings that include; The Third Circle by Sissy Goodhouse, PBS series, The American Experience-Last Stand at Little Bighorn, A&E-The Real West by Kenny Rogers, and in the book Vision Quest by Don Doll, S.J. from Crown Publishers.

On June 22, 2000 Joe Flying Bye passed into the spirit world. He will be dearly remembered by his family, friends and Lakota people. He was 83 years old.

Kangi Ho Tanka (1917- 2000)

In 1999, Joseph Flying Bye began recording historical and cultural messages to be shared with the generations to follow. At this date, there are two CD's, with three more to follow.

Joseph shares these words with us:

"At this time there are only a few elders who can see that far back into the past. The purpose of these recordings is to help the future generations hear these elders speak and pray. The ceremonial songs contained in this recording are considered sacred to the Lakota nation. Please treat them with honor and respect, and they will lead you to a place of peace and understanding. In troubled times they will bring you strength and comfort. They are a gift from the grandparents before us.

Remember to live a good life, and do good things with each day that you are given. Help each other and encourage each other to be good people."

For more information about the recordings of Joseph Flying Bye, visit Center Records at:

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