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February 8 , 2003 - Issue 80


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Valentine Crafts


Next Friday is Valentine's Day. So, we're going to share some crafts for you to make. As always, be sure and get an adult to supervise.

Heart Sun Catcher


Pattern (see below)
Drinking straw
Clear plastic lanyard (Rexlace)
54 pink transparent beads (7mm)
36 red transparent beads (7mm)
Tacky glue
Suction cup (with a hook or with a slit)

  1. Cut strips of clear Rexlace, one for every row in the pattern, that are 10 inches long.
  2. Fold each strip of clear Rexlace in half so that they curve towards each other. (Rexlace has a natural curl in it.)
  3. Fold each strip around the straw and string the beads over both layers of clear Rexlace in the order the beads go on the pattern. Do 1 column at a time.
  4. After each column is finished, tie a knot at the end.
  5. Put a drop of tacky glue in each knot to help it stay.
  6. Let all of the knots dry and then cut off the extra clear Rexlace at the ends.
  7. Trim the straw so that it is a little longer than the suncatcher on both ends.
  8. Run a piece of Rexlace through the straw and make a loop to hang the suncatcher from.
  9. Tie a knot at the end and put a drop of glue in the knot.
  10. Hang it from the suction cup and enjoy!


Heart Banner


Red & Black Construction Paper (large sheets)
Markers, Crayons or Paint & Paintbrushes
Red Yarn (or ready-made tassels)


  1. Create a long banner shape using construction paper. (approx 12" wide by 24" - 36" long).
  2. Cut indentations at the bottom of the paper so it appears as a fabric banner would. (Of course you could always make a fabric banner instead).
  3. Create tassels using red yarn and glue to the bottom of the banner.
  4. Make heart shapes or dove shapes to glue on your banner. The designs are entirely up to you.
  5. Cut out a black strip of paper and glue to the top of the banner.
  6. Hang your work on the wall or from the ceiling.

Heart Mobile


Red construction paper.
Heavy poster paper.
Foil (from an old pie plate or roasting pan - or you can buy foil at the craft stores).
String or yarn.
A hole punch.

  1. Cut out a whole bunch of construction paper hearts (10 medium sized)
  2. Cut out one large heart using the poster paper.
  3. Using 5 of your construction paper hearts as templates, trace onto the foil and cut out five foil hearts. (Don't trace the large heart onto foil).
  4. Next, take your construction paper hearts and cut smaller hearts out of them so you are left with only the outlines of a heart as seen in the diagram.
  5. Glue the open hearts on the foil (front and back) to create red rimmed foil hearts.
  6. Also, cut the inner part out of the large poster paper heart.
  7. Punch holes in the tops of your foil hearts and in the large heart.
  8. Tie yarn to the foil hearts and to the large heart shape while it is in a flat position.
  9. Also tie yarn to the top of the large heart to hang your mobile.

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