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October 5, 2002 - Issue 71


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Thunderhawk - Cowrate - Ancient Art of the Bovine's

by Geoff Hampton
Handwalking MooseThe little O'Malley's were so excited about their encounter with Moose Lee and Two Eagles that they told every mouse in their homeground. As they told Pat and Penny about their experience the two were a little worried about whether or not this whole story was really true or not. The little mice insisted that it had really happened. As they were explaining how Moose Lee spoke to them Penny asked, "Children, I'm not clear how this huge animal was able to communicate with you. Are you sure that this really happened?" The little ones all shook their heads up and down to say "yes" at the same time. As they were talking, Ian looked off in the distance and he said, "Hey! There's Moose Lee and Two Eagles right now!" The others looked and amazingly enough, Moose Lee and Two Eagles were walking in their direction. The little mice jumped up and down and called them by name. Moose Lee and Two Eagles looked at the little mice, looked at each other and smiled. Pat and Penny's mouths dropped wide open in amazement.

Moose Lee and Two Eagles came right up to the little mice and Moose Lee began to speak, "Hello again our little friends. It is good to see that you made it home safely." Pat and Penny were unable to speak. They just looked on in amazement. Ian said, "That's Moose Lee and Two Eagles! We told you!" Michayla said, "Hey Moose Lee, will you tell us the whole story about Cowrate?" Moose Lee looked at Two Eagles who nodded his head gently up and down in agreement. Then Moose Lee looked back at the little ones and began, "Many years ago in the smoky mountain town of Sevierville, Tennessee I suddenly made an appearance in the community. My presence startled the Cherokee families that lived in the area, as moose were not commonly seen there. Beyond the startling fact that a moose was there at all, was the fact that I was spending an extraordinary amount of time with a particular cow. Most of the Cherokees thought that it was funny and they began telling legends about me together in the field with the cow. Suddenly, I became a celebrity of sorts. My story spread throughout the Eastern Cherokee Nation with stories such as, "Strange Warrior Moose, Falls for Local Cow". Unbeknownst to these local Cherokees I was actually "Moose Lee". Together with my friend Two Eagles we will spread the ancient art of Cowrate and it will enrich the lives and lift the spirits of the Cherokee children and the children of all of the other tribes from all across North America.

I am the last of the famed "mootial artists" (humans refer to these ancient oriental arts as martial arts). The purpose of my visit is actually to attempt to spread the mootial arts or Cowrate (humans refer to this as karate) to the bovine's of America, and to raise their existence to a higher level. In order to more clearly understand the history behind Cowrate we must trace its roots all the way back to ancient India.

Exercising CowIn ancient India, bovines or cows as we refer to them today, were not held as the sacred creatures that they are presently. Today, in fact, if a human kills a cow in India, the human is put to death. Just how is it then, that the cows gained this level of Spiritual power in India? Legend claims that back in ancient India the cows were actually forced to work the fields, much like many of the work horses and mules of today. The cows were worked until they were exhausted. They were not treated well. A legendary young cow named Akhba had a great vision one night while sleeping.

Akhba saw a glorious white cow that literally glowed with a blinding light emanating all around it. The glorious white cow was named Jakob Jakob spoke to Akhba, saying, "I am Jakob, the leader of the Spiritual bovine world. I will come to you on 40 consecutive nights. Each night I will give you power and knowledge that you will be able to use, and teach to the bovine's of the earthly world, in order that they may become free of their human slavery bonds. From these lessons I will teach you about Spirituality, wisdom, personal serenity and physical combat. When I am finished with you your name will become Mooses and you will be known by all bovine's as my earthly Spiritual contact. You, Akhba, will be responsible for raising bovine awareness, Spirituality and self-being to a divine level; a level that no human could ever hope to attain. Through it all bovine's will become the most sacred creature's on Mother Earth. You will awake in the morning with a feeling of inner peace and divine purpose. Your mission is to become a truly Holy Cow (where the saying "holy cow!" originated from of course). Sleep well now my friend, and I will see you again tomorrow night."

Exercising CowAkhba was truly amazed by the vision she had on that particular evening so long ago. Akhba, as promised, awoke with a sensation of inner peace and an incredible feeling of divine purpose. Her day, however, was again filled with hard labor and harsh treatment by her human overseers. She anxiously awaited Jakob's promised visit. That night after a terribly difficult day of physical exertion, Akhba was drifting off into a sound sleep when Jakob again appeared to her. Jakob was accompanied this time by a beautiful, brightly glowing visitor. Akhba had to cover her eyes as the light emanating from the other visitor (who was without specific form) was blinding. Jakob spoke to Akhba, saying "Arise Akhba, it is time. I have brought along the most Holy of Spiritual Goddesses to assist you in your Spiritual transformation. This is "Kali", she is known throughout India as the Goddess of war. You will be expected to bow to her whenever you see her. You will also teach all other bovines proper respect for Kali. She will teach you the physical lessons that will enable you to teach humans the level of respect that all bovines must be given. "

Akhba bowed immediately and with great respect. Jakob went on to say, "Kali will assume the physical appearance of a bovine each night when she secretly comes to work with you and train you for Spiritual serenity and physical combat. All secrets that she reveals to you must be held as sacred. All future training of bovines with the knowledge that she reveals to you must be done late at night and in complete secrecy. You will become the first bovine "Mooster" (humans who attain high ranking in martial arts are called "Masters", which is of course simply the human version of the same word) in the style of mootial arts, or cow-rate, called "cowlaripayit" ("kalaripayit", as the humans call it, is the most common form of karate found in India).

Dancing CowKali's lessons in this mootial art style will only be the beginning of your cow-rate training. As time goes by and you attain the advanced level of skills that Kali will help you with, you will begin a Sacred journey to other parts of the orient. You will learn other forms of cow-rate, that will help you better prepare the bovines of the world in assuming their most Holy role. As you learn to master your physical being, your more important Spiritual being will transcend to another level. When you are able to attain this Spiritual level you will be able to transform your physical form to that of other earthly creatures. For example, when you want to you will be able to assume the form of a human creature in order to learn more about their ways. Or, you may assume the form of a bird in order to escape imminent danger, or travel great distances in shorter periods of time with less physical stress or exertion. These important lessons will be very valuable for you in order to prepare you for your Divine mission. You will learn that one of the basic principles of cow-rate is that of avoiding physical conflict whenever possible. It is far better to be able to overcome difficult situations through mental versus physical advantage. Now, Akhba, I will allow Kali to work with you. I will return again tomorrow night. Farewell my friend, and I bid you adieu until then." With that, Jakob disappeared from sight.

Kali then assumed the physical appearance of a beautiful, pure white bovine. Akhba could not believe her eyes, Kali's beauty was incredible. She said, "Akhba, for the first thirty days that I spend with you, I will be working with your physical body, preparing it for the rigors of mootial arts training. Through forms of physical movements and physical stretching techniques, your body will become flexible and powerful. All of our training is to be absolutely secret. Are you ready to begin?" asked Kali.

Akhba bowed deeply and thanked Kali for the opportunity and said that she was in fact ready to begin. That first night was difficult for Akhba. She had worked long hard days all of her life, and now here she was preparing to stay up all night working with Kali. She subconsciously wondered how she would ever make it. No sooner had Akhba pondered that thought than Kali immediately stopped the training and looked deeply into Akhba's eyes. Akhba was alarmed at first, not knowing what was happening. Suddenly, Akhba felt a tingling sensation. It started in her brain and began to creep down her spine. It was a glorious feeling. Akhba had never felt anything like it in her entire life. The tingling increased in its intensity as it spread down through her body; down her legs and all the way to the very tip of her tail. Suddenly, Akhba felt completely rested and refreshed. More rested and refreshed than at any other time that she could remember in her entire life.

Dancing CowKali then spoke to her saying, "Akhba, I know your every thought, your every feeling. You were selected by Jakob, because of your strong will, honesty, and sense of purpose. Of all the bovines in India, Jakob decided to select you. You must understand the importance of your mission. I am here to help you. I know things that you will never know. If you feel uncertain, I will know it. If you feel tired, I will know it. If you are afraid, I will know it. Just as I helped you now with a Spiritual "supercharging", so will I continue to help you when I know that you need help. Do not worry about anything. You must keep your mind free from all worries. Your complete focus and concentration must remain on your mission. You are the chosen one. You must be receptive to the knowledge and power that Jakob and I will impart on you. This is for the benefit of the entire bovine race. Are you absolutely prepared to make the commitment needed for this journey, Akhba?" asked Kali. Akhba, without hesitation bowed and thanked Kali for her assistance. Akhba spoke clearly and with no hint of uncertainty, "I am completely prepared for this Holy mission, oh great Kali.". With that being said, Akhba again bowed deeply and with great respect before Kali. Kali thanked Akhba, and the training resumed. The training with Kali and Jakob was very difficult, but Akhba was determined to go wherever it was that they wanted her to go and do whatever it was that they wanted her to do. As the training progressed, Akhba became aware that she had the power to actually kill living beings, including humans.

The physical training of Kali combined with the Spiritual training of both Kali and Jakob, made Akhba a creature of great confidence yet one with humility, compassion and intelligence. There were days however, that tried even the great patience of Akhba, as the human overseers were brutal to many of the other cows. Akhba used her mental training to avoid conflicts and punishment upon herself but when she saw her friends being treated harshly it was very difficult not to intervene. However, she knew that if she did, it would be obvious to both the human overseers and the other cows that she was involved in some type of transformation.

The secret late night training continued far beyond the original forty consecutive nights mentioned by Jakob in their first encounter. The secret training actually continued for three years! During those three long years, Akhba became an outstanding cow-rate mooster. Her Spiritual training combined with physical training had well prepared her for the next phase of her mission.

Akhba's Holy Mission

Dancing CowJakob and Kali were extremely pleased with Akhba's progress. They could never have anticipated how well Akhba would absorb everything that they would reveal to her. Finally one night, Jakob and Kali appeared to Akhba and told her that they were there to take her on a special journey. Akhba was excited about this new development. For the journey, Jakob and Kali would actually take Akhba's Spirit out of her physical body and it would be her Spirit that would accompany them on this journey which would reveal what was next for Akhba's Holy mission. Then there was a special & deeply Spiritual ceremony, with the three down on their knees. It involved soft singing and chanting by Jakob. Akhba was told to keep her eyes closed during the ceremony, and she did as she was told. She thought to herself how beautiful this special ceremony was. As she was thinking about the beauty of the ceremony, a deep feeling of relaxation and complete peace enveloped Akhba. The feeling was simply euphoric. Suddenly, she had a strange sensation like being lifted off of the ground. This feeling was strange, but wonderful. She nervously opened her eyes, and as she did, she was amazed to see her physical body directly below her, still on her knees with her head bowed and eyes closed. She was actually outside of her own body! As she looked to her left, she saw Jakob, who was smiling ever so wonderfully at her. As she looked to her right, she saw Kali sheepishly smiling at her. Akhba felt elated.

Then, as if by magic, the three were traveling through a bright light together. As they moved Jakob began to speak to Akhba saying, "Akhba, you are the first bovine to ever interact with any of us from the Spirit world. Kali and I are proud of your accomplishments over these past three years. As of tonight, you will be known as Mooses and not Akhba. You are now a Holy Cow and your mission will forever more be of a Holy nature. The purpose of tonight's Spiritual journey is to reveal to you the next step in your Spiritual path. We will first take you to the orient to show you some human forms of cow-rate, which the humans have renamed karate. To enhance your wisdom and cow-rate training you will continue your Spiritual journey to another part of Mother Earth, which is separated by a great body of water called an ocean. We will show you where you will be able to best access the far away land. As you reach the crossing point that Kali and I will reveal to you tonight there will be a narrow part of this great ocean. You will, through your Spiritual training, be able to physically part these waters for a brief period of time. In doing so, you will cross over onto the far away land and share your knowledge to the bovines of that land. It is a dangerous mission but Kali and I feel that you are ready for it."

Karate Face OffAs Jakob's words ceased, the three came to a halt in their journey through the light. As everything came back into focus, Akhba, now called Mooses, saw humans practicing some type of physical combat. There seemed to be a Spirituality about them but their intensity was a bit alarming to Mooses. The type of karate that the humans were practicing was quite different from the mootial art style that Kali had taught her, but they had many interesting techniques that intrigued Mooses. Jakob spoke to Mooses, saying, "Mooses, this is a country called China. These humans are practicing a form of human karate. They cannot see us here in the Spiritual world. This country will be one of the destinations in your Holy journey. You will assume the form of a human and learn the type's of karate that they practice. On our journey tonight, we will also visit a country called Korea and a country called Japan. You will spend three years in each of these countries learning their forms of karate while in your human form.". Mooses was mesmerized but pleased. She was really looking forward to this part of her journey!

The three briefly visited Korea and Japan as well Then they continued on a longer journey through the light. As the journey continued, Mooses was able to see the earth below. As they traveled further Jakob explained the route that Mooses would take to arrive at the point where Jakob and Kali wanted her to part the sea and cross into the far away land. When the three arrived at the point of crossing, Jakob told Mooses that this was a country called Russia. On the other side was a great land called North America. That was where she was to travel after she learned all that she could learn about karate in the orient. They informed her that the land that she was going to was inhabited by humans called Native American Indians. There was no relationship between the Indians of the far away land and the people of her native country of India. The Indians in the far away land were in balance with Mother Nature and Mother Earth and cared deeply for their animals versus the harsh treatment of the animals in her homeland of India. It was the perfect place to send Mooses.

At this point, Jacob took a small crystal image of a cow out of his Spirit pouch. He told Mooses that she was to keep this most Holy artifact with her always. When she was ready to part the sea, she was to take it out, raise it to the sky and a miraculous thing would occur. Mooses was enthralled. She was really anxious to begin her journey. She felt extremely honored & fortunate to have been selected by Jakob and Kali. Then, the three returned to Mooses's home.

When she returned home, Mooses asked two of her closest friends to meet her late that night, after all of the other cows had fallen asleep. The two agreed to meet her. When they met, Mooses related to them what had happened. At first, the two looked at each other in such a manner that Mooses realized they thought that she had gone crazy! Immediately, she performed a series of movements that startled the two other cows. Then she transformed herself into a human form. Her friends were immediately filled with fear as they thought that Mooses had been possessed by an evil force of some sort. Kali, herself appeared to the group of cows. Mooses immediately bowed deeply and respectfully. The other two, with their mouths gaping open wide, did the same. Kali explained what was going on. She went on to tell Mooses that daytime training would only be allowed for this short-term special situation as time was of the essence. Mooses thanked Kali, and bowed deeply, with the two other cows immediately doing the same. Kali explained that when the time was right she would assist them by appearing to all the humans of India in their sleep to let them know what was to happen with the cows from that point on. Then she was gone.

Weightlifting RhinoThere was silence for a few minutes as all were amazed at Kali's surprise visit. Mooses began their training that night. With the movement techniques and the stretching techniques that Kali had taught her, she began teaching her friends. For the next several months, she trained them tirelessly. When they began to become proficient, Mooses revealed that Kali had taught her an advanced form of her mootial art called "marma-adi." This involved killing living creatures through a simple touch to a vital area, or, simply by looking deeply into their eyes she could control them, or even kill them if she so desired. She told her friends that the next day she would begin to control their human overseers. In turn, they were immediately to begin teaching the other cows the mootial arts. Time was of the essence, so training must be done both day and night.

The next day, Mooses began to exert mind control techniques over the humans. She ordered them to worship the cows and spread the word that the cows had come under the watchful eyes of Kali. Any man who failed to worship the cows would die. Furthermore, any man who killed a cow, intentionally or otherwise was to be put to death immediately.

Word spread quickly about these events. At this point Kali also intervened on behalf of the cows. She appeared to people of India in their sleep and commanded them to worship the cows. The transition was like lightning. Mooses was held as a great hero, and of course Kali was thanked endlessly by the cows of India. Mooses spoke to her friends and told them of her impending Sacred journey. They were saddened that she would be leaving, but they wished her well and fully supported the efforts to raise all the cows of the earth to a higher Spiritual level of existence

End of Part I© 1997 Geoff Hampton

Geoff Hampton is an internationally known author, speaker, motivator and business consultant. He is the Marketing Director for Indian Voices newspaper which serves Southern California and Nevada. Hampton is also a regular columnist for the wellness/fitness Website and can be reached by E-mail at

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