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September 21, 2002 - Issue 70


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Thunderhawk - The O'Malley's Meet Moose Lee

by Geoff Hampton
MouseAs Autumn fell, over The Great Smoky Mountains, the little O’Malley mice and the little Pilgrim mice had many great adventures together. One gorgeous fall morning the little ones were down by Chilhowie Lake playing. Paddy and Paden went off by themselves to play Thunder Jack together. Fiona and Michayla cautioned them not to go too far and to be alert for danger. The two playful little mice agreed and off they went.

Paddy asked Paden if he wanted to go up to Deals Gap since they were fairly close. Paden’s eyes lit up and he shook his head up and down in an enthusiastic, “Yes!”

Paddy and Paden quietly slipped away from the others and started up the mountain to Deal’s Gap. As they got far enough away that the others couldn’t hear them Paddy said, “Paden. This is the way that I went all by myself to get those dragons scales that I showed you back at the homeground.” Paden was really excited. He had heard so much about Paddy’s adventure going up to Deals Gap.

The two little mice ran and ran and ran. With the level of excitement that they both felt they didn’t feel tired at all. This was a great adventure!

FalconThunderhawk and Blaze, as always were on patrol and had seen the little ones heading off toward Chilhowee lake. The two hawks circled high above them and kept a sharp eye out for danger. As they saw Paddy and Paden running off alone they both said, “Oh no!” at the same time. Blaze offered to stay and watch over the other little ones as Thunderhawk took off to watch over Paden and Paddy.

As Paden and Paddy went off towards Deals Gap the others were having fun swimming in the lake. They were playing all sorts of little games and time went by very quickly. They never even missed Paddy and Paden who were acting foolishly.

Paddy took Paden to the spot where he had been so amazed at the picturesque beauty of Deals Gap. From high up on the mountain they both looked down in awe. It was so beautiful. Especially with the fall colors!

They looked all around and enjoyed the moment. Then Paden said, “Hey Paddy! Where did you find those pieces of Lorcans scales?” Paddy was shocked. He never expected to be asked about that! He also remembered how awful it felt to live the lie he had told upon his return. Paden waited patiently for an answer, but Paddy said nothing. Paden said, “Hey! Thunder Jack! I said where’d you find those pieces of dragon scale?” Finally Paddy said, “You know what Paden? Who cares? It doesn’t matter, but we can look for some more if you want to.” Paden immediately shook his head up and down indicating that he wanted to. Paddy said, “Follow me.” And they started down the steep slope. The two little mice looked over and under everything in sight. They searched and searched and searched. As they grew tired they began to get careless and it was still a long way back to Chilhowie Lake and the other little mice.

FoxAs Paddy went to look under a huge tree that had fallen down he detected some movement and instinctively jumped back and screamed at the same time. Paden looked over where Paddy was and saw a red fox charging after him. Paddy was screaming as he ran. Paden saw a rock ledge that he and Paddy could squeeze under and that the fox would not be able to get underneath. He called out for Paddy to run that way. Paddy did so immediately.

The fox was closing the distance quickly. Thunderhawk saw the chase but knew that he wouldn’t have time to save the little mouse. He just watched and hoped that Paddy made it to safety. As Paddy neared the rock ledge where Paden had gone to hide the fox was too close. As the fox was about to lunge at Paddy he felt a thump on his back and whirled to see what it was. It was Paden! He had gone to the top of the rock ledge and jumped down just in time to save Paddy by startling the fox.

Paden didn’t wait to see the fox’s reaction, he simply bolted under the ledge with Paddy! Paddy was out of breath but obviously very grateful for Paden’s brave act. It had saved his life. He thanked Paden and told him that when they got back to the homeground he was going to give Paden one of the two pieces of dragon scales that he had. Paden was really excited about that. He told Paddy that he felt like Thunder Jack had been with him as he climbed up on that rock and jumped on the fox’s back. They both smiled and shook their heads knowing how lucky they had been and what a true act of bravery it had been for Paden to jump onto the fox like that.

FalconThey knew that they would need to stay under the ledge for a while in order to give the fox time to move on to find another potential meal. They just laughed and played together for about twenty-minutes and then boldly ran out from under the ledge as fast as they could. Thunderhawk had landed in a tree nearby and was relieved to see the two little mice emerge in good health, but he was surprised at their bold move in just running out at full speed without knowing whether the fox had left the area or not. He just smiled and shook his head. He already knew that the fox had left and now it was time to resume his watch from high above the unsuspecting mice.

As Paden and Paddy ran back down the mountain they didn’t say a word. They each wondered if they would be in trouble. If no one knew that they had left, they would be okay. If any of the other mice had come looking for them, they would be in big trouble.

Finally Paden and Paddy arrived back near the others. They could hear them all playing and they went over to see if any of them knew that they left. They all screamed out “Hey you guys!” when they saw Paden and Paddy. Paden said, “Hey to you too! We’re going back to play some more!” Michayla said, “Thank you for checking in with us. That’s important. Have fun, don’t go far and please be careful!” Paden and Paddy both said, “Okay!” as they disappeared from sight once again.

When they were out sight again Paddy said, “Whoa! I’m glad that they didn’t know that we were gone! Paden said, “Me too! Let’s get back to playing Thunder Jack!” Paddy agreed and they started playing again.

DragonAs they were busy playing they heard a very mysterious sound. All the little mice had heard bovines (cows) before and so the sound that a bovine makes is not that unusual. However, these sounds were similar to a bovines, yet oddly different and abrupt sounding. Paddy said, “Listen Paden! It sounds like Lorcan, the Devil Dragon!” Paden became deathly still as he listened intently. Then he said, “Paddy! I think you’re right! What should we do?” Paden calmly replied, “Thunder Jack is with us. If Thunder Jack is with us we will defeat the Devil Dragon!” With that, Paden made a loud gulping sound. Then he said, “Paddy. This doesn’t sound like a game. Those sounds are real. Remember what Michayla and Fiona said!”

At that Paden shouted, “See ya’ Chicken boy!” and off he ran toward the sounds. Paden cried out, “Wait Paddy! I’ll go with you. I’m no chicken boy!” and off ran Paden as well.

Michayla and Fiona and the others heard the two little ones yelling to each other and became worried. They called out for Paden and Paddy but got no answer. Ian said, “Uh oh!” Michayla, Fiona, Sean, Jr. and Baby Shannon all shook their heads back and forth in disgust with sour looks on their cute little faces. They knew that their day was about to become once again focused on Paden and Paddy’s mischief.

CowThe other little mice ran off in the direction that they had last heard the Paden and Paddy yelling from. As they ran they also heard the odd sounds and came to a halt. “What is that?” asked Ian. Fiona said, “It sounds sort of like a really mean bovine.” Then Baby Shannon said, “What’s a bovine?” Michayla told her that a bovine was cow and Baby Shannon laughed. Fiona said, “Shhhh!” and they all began to listen and move slowly toward the mysterious sound.

As Paddy and Paden got to point where they could see what was making the sound they froze in their tracks. There was Cherokee man and a huge creature that looked like a deer on steroids seemingly fighting with each other. They would make punching and kicking movements toward each other but didn’t actually strike. They just got close to each other with the menacing looking movements. Each time they struck out they made an odd sound like an aggressive bovine. Then every once in awhile they would breath deeply and bow to each other. The two little mice were mesmerized by the odd sight of the man and the critter. They climbed up into a tree to get a better look. Suddenly the large critter looked directly at them. The two little mice let out gasps as it startled them. Then the large creature moved slowly toward them. It looked really scary. It was huge and had enormous antlers on its head! By this time the Cherokee man was also looking at them. Thunderhawk and Blaze carefully watched from up above to see what was going to happen.

MooseThe large creature walked right up to the little mice who were frozen with fear on the branch in the tree. Their mouths were moving, but no sound was coming out. Their eyes were bulging out their heads in obvious fear. As the huge creature got very close to them it calmly said, “Hello little ones. Do not be afraid. I am Moose Lee. You probably have never seen a creature like me before. I come from far up away. My friend, Two Eagles and I (as this was said the Cherokee man named Two Eagles nodded his head in a gesture of greeting) are practicing an ancient art called Cowrate. It is designed to provide the individual who practices it with a form of exercise and confidence. We hope that we didn’t scare you.”

As Moose Lee was talking the other little ones arrived at the scene at full speed as they had started running to find and help Paden and Paddy. It was comical as each of them tried to stop suddenly and bumped into one another and all fell to the ground in a heap. As they looked up, also frozen in fear, the huge beast approached them as well. Baby Shannon began crying but none of the others could utter a sound. They just watched as the huge beast approached them. The creature lowered his head slowly near the frightened mice and reintroduced himself and Two Eagles. The little mice just sort of smiled an uneasy smile.

Paden called out, “Hey you guys, that’s Moose Lee!” Paddy said, “Yeah! He’s practicing Cowrate with Two Eagles!” Then Paddy and Paden ran down from the tree and over to their frightened siblings. Thunderhawk and Blaze just landed in a tree nearby to watch. Blaze looked at Thunderhawk and he just shrugged his shoulders. He had no idea what was going on.

Michayla finally spoke very softly saying, “Who is Moose Lee? What is Cowrate?” At this, Two Eagles smiled broadly as Moose Lee and he exchanged glances. Moose Lee then said, “Cowrate is the technique developed long ago by a famous bovine named Mooses. Mooses came here from a land far, far away to set the bovines of this country free. Mooses was not able to finish the work and taught a few special animals the art so that the mission could continue. I am the last Cowrate Mooster and my friend Two Eagles has agreed to help me continue to spread Cowrate in exchange for my allowing him to take it to the children of his people.”

Gymnastic MoosePaddy said, “Whoa! That’s really cool!” The other mice nodded their heads up and down enthusiastically in agreement with Paddy. Then Paden said, “Hey Moose Lee! What are you anyway? You look like a deer that got hit by the ugly stick!” The other little ones gasped at Paden’s remark. Moose Lee smiled and spoke softly saying, “I am a Moose. Moose live far from here, but I had to travel a long way to bring Cowrate to these beautiful mountains that you call home. Together with Two Eagles we will spread Cowrate to every tribe so that the children can raise their spirits and have a fun way of exercising and learning about protecting themselves and their families from danger.”

Michayla said, “Wow! That is so wonderful!” I hope that you get that Cowrate stuff everywhere!” With that being said, Moose Lee thanked them all for their kind words. Then he invited them to stay and watch if they wanted to. Of course they all wanted to!

The little ones watched for a while and then started back home. They all thanked Moose Lee and Two Eagles for allowing them to watch. It had been fascinating. Even Thunderhawk and Blaze were amazed!

As the mice headed back to their home ground, Ian and Sean, Jr. became uncharacteristically rowdy. They had been really impacted by Cowrate and were now playing Moose Lee and Two Eagles. It was entertaining for the others to watch them and the enjoyment that they got from their game.

When they got home they all tried to speak at once to tell the story of their latest great adventure. Pat and Penny had been there to greet them and they smiled and shook their heads in appreciation of the fun the little ones had that great day! Each little mouse got a welcome loving hug from Pat and Penny. It was so nice to be home again.

Mouse in StarThunderhawk and Blaze were happy that the day had ended on a happy note and that nothing had happened to the little mice. The Great Creator allowed the night to cover the Great Smoky Mountains and he smiled at the lessons the little ones had learned. Once again all was well in happy valley!

The End

© 2002 Geoff Hampton

Geoff Hampton is an internationally known author, speaker, motivator and business consultant. He is the Marketing Director for Indian Voices newspaper which serves Southern California and Nevada. Hampton is also a regular columnist for the wellness/fitness Website and can be reached by E-mail at

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