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May 4 , 2002 - Issue 60


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Easter Bovine Coloring Page


Names: Cows are often called cattle. The adult female is called a cow. The adult male is called a bull. A baby is called a calf.

Cattle are farm animals with thick skin and hoofed feet. Cattle were domesticated (tamed from wild animals) thousands of years ago. They are farmed for their milk, meat, hides (leather), and many other products, like cheese, cream, gelatin, glue, soap, and many other products. In some parts of the world, cattle are still used to pull plows and carts. There are still some wild cattle (like the gaur and banteng) living in Asia.

Anatomy: Cattle vary in color from white, black, brown to tan. Milk is produced in the female's udders. Cattle use their long tail to keep insects off their back. Some cattle have horns, others do not.

Diet: Cattle are herbivores (plant-eater) that graze on grass and leaves. They are ruminants, animals that have a four-part stomach. Cattle swallow their food without chewing it very much. They later regurgitate a cud and chew it well, later swallowing it.

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