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February 9, 2002 - Issue 54


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Labels for Education


The Labels for Education programs trades labels from specific products for educational equipment (PCs, AV-equipment, etc.). The Puyallup Tribal School, Chief Leschi, is a participant in the program.

There's an extra need for labels now due to the recent earthquake in Washignton State. The tribal headquarters building has been red- tagged and the infra-structure of the tribe is scrambling to find places to get back into business. This is particularly significant because the building itself is one that was 'occupied' by the Puyallup and was the beginning of rebuilding our land base. It had first been an Indian hospital...a four-story brick monster. Then it became a TB hospital and later Cascadia...a juvenile jail. Washington State decided it was too costly to operate and maintain and decided to sell it.

As it had been Puyallup trust land and was given up (?) to become an Indian hospital, the Puyallup people decided they wanted it back. It took occupying it to do so. We used it originally as tribal offices and our first tribal school. The building was in such bad shape, that eventually the school portion was condemned.

We now have a great new school building, but are terribly short on basic equipment anfurnishings. With the tribal building now red-tagged due to the earthquake, we both grieve the loss of this symbol...old and decrepit as it was...and the enormous task of what to do now.

FEMA will not help in repairs or removal (remember, we're talking a huge four-story brick former hospital). The cost for the tribe to remove and rebuild is out of the question. Having such a small land base, we're going to have to lease space. All this means, is less monies going to support tribal services...such as the school.

So, if you have any of the labels I've listed below hanging about your house, please consider sending them to: Tami Cooper, Chief Leschi Schools, 5625 52nd St. E., Puyallup, WA 98371. These labels WILL make a difference.

  • Cambells: All soups, tomato juice and recipe mixes.
  • Pepperidge Farm: Breads, croutons, rolls, stuffing, cookies, goldfish, snack mixes, frozen garlic breads, cakes, turnovers, dumplings & puff pastry.
  • Swanson: Broths and poultry.
  • V8: vegetable jice, Splash, Healthy Request vegetable juice
  • Franco-American: Gravies, Speghettio's and pasta
  • Prego: Pasta sauces
  • Pace: Salsa, picante & Picante ConQueso and food service products
  • GM (General Mills) Box Tops for Education (on lots of cerel boxes, etc.)

You can visit Chief Leschi online at http:/ So many people wish to make a difference, improve a child's chances. This is an easy way to do so. This school supports children from many Indian Nations. I hope you'll consider saving your labels and sending them to Chief Leschi.

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