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December 15, 2001 - Issue 51


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The Justice Research and Statistics Association, a national nonprofit organization, seeks a Project Manager for its Tribal Justice Statistics Assistance Center (TJSAC) project. The purpose of the TJSAC is to provide training, technical assistance, and written materials to American Indian and Native American tribes to enhance their capacity to collect, analyze and report data and statistics related to criminal and juvenile justice.

Requirements for this position include: a graduate degree in criminal justice or related social science field; comprehensive knowledge and understanding of tribal justice systems and tribal culture; outstanding communication and interpersonal skills; and knowledge of law enforcement, court, and corrections data. Experience working directly with Indian tribes preferred. This is a two year grant-funded position with full benefits.

Send resume, cover letter, and salary requirements to:

Research Director
Justice Research and Statistics Association
777 N. Capitol Street NE, Suite 801
Washington, DC 20002
fax 202-842-9329 or e-mail to (put TJSAC in subject line).


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Smithsonian Institution Fellowship Program 2002

Many different kinds of fellowships are available. For more information and/or application materials, contact:

Office of Fellowships
Smithsonian Institution
750 9th Street, NW, Suite 9300
Washington, DC 20560-0902
Phone: 202/275-0655

E-mail: (please include mailing address for requested materials)

Application materials are available via the Internet:

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This is a reposting of a GS-5 level forester for the Bureau of Indian Affairs in Montana. They only had one applicant the first time this was advertised, so if you are graduating in December and wouldn't mind living in Montana I would definitely apply! If you have any questions about the position, call Ed Morgan at 406-638-2391.

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Title: NIDA - Epidemiologic Research on Drug Abuse
Sponsor: National Institute on Drug Abuse


The sponsor provides support for studies focusing on defining factors and patterns associated with the initiation, escalation, continuation, and cessation of drug use and on associated antisocial, health- threatening and other problematic behaviors that arise as a result of drug abuse. Eligible applicants are foreign and domestic for-profit and nonprofit organizations, public and private, such as universities, colleges, hospitals, laboratories, units of state or local governments, and eligible agencies of the federal government.

The R01, R03, R21, P01, P30, P50, and P60 award mechanisms will be used.



Contact: James D. Colliver, Ph.D.

Epidemiology Research Branch, DESPR

  6001 Executive Boulevard
  Suite 5153 MSC 9589
  Bethesda, MD 20892-9589 USA
Web Site:
Program URL:
Tel: 301-402-1846
Award Type(s): Research Grants/R & D Centers, Research/Service Development-Program
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Title: Paul G. Allen Foundations - Charitable Foundation
Sponsor: Allen (Paul G.) Foundations
The sponsor provides support to promote the health and development of vulnerable populations and to strengthen families and communities in the Pacific Northwest. Eligible applicants are tax-exempt organizations. Organizations must be located in or serve populations of the Pacific Northwest, which includes Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana.
Deadline(s): 03/31/2002

110 110th Avenue,NE

  Suite 550
  Bellevue, WA 98004 USA
Program URL:
Award Type(s): Capital Construction/Renovation, Development-Program, General Project, Service Delivery, Collaborative Project, Seed Money/Start-Up Funds
Appl Type(s): Non-Profit, Tax-exempt

Geo. Restricted:

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Employment Opportunity
Program Manager
The Greenlining Institute, a multiethnic public policy and advocacy institute located in San Francisco, promotes economic development in low-income and minority communities. Currently we are seeking an energetic individual, committed to low-income and minority communities, to implement a statewide community health coalition and health policy project. A strong candidate will be a team player who has experience in coalition building, advocacy, training or teaching skills, is highly organized and has community health-related expertise.
Duties Include:
  • Implement and coordinate a statewide, multiethnic Community Health Coalition and Health policy project
  • Supervise and mentor program staff
  • Outreach to community organizations
  • Facilitate community education in the area of health policy
  • Conduct research studies on minority and low-income community health in the state of California
  • Develop project's five year strategic plan and evaluation measures

Minimum Qualifications: At least three years proven experience in project management; at least two years of supervisory and community organizing experience; excellent writing and communication skills; ability to work independently and with others in a fast paced environment; strong organizational skills; ability to prioritize tasks and meet deadlines; proven commitment to low income, minority communities; understanding of economic development issues in low income communities; BA in related field.

Desirable Qualifications: MA in public policy, public health, education or related field; media experience; grant and fundraising knowledge; experience working with graduate level students.

Compensation: Commensurate with experience

All interested individuals should mail or fax cover letter and resume to the attention of:
Tammeil Y. Gilkerson
785 Market Street, 3rd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94103
Fax: 415-284-7210

Position open until filled

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Title: MBDA - Native American Business Development Center (NABDC)
Program Sponsor: Minority Business Development Agency

The sponsor provides support for an organization to operate a new and enhanced Native American Business Development Center (NABDC), under its Native American Business Development Center Program, in the State of New Mexico.

Deadline(s): 12/26/2001

Native American Bus. Development Ctr.

  14th Street and Constitution Avenue, NW
  Office of Exec. Sec., HCHB, Room 5063
  Washington, DC 20230 USA
Web Site:
Program URL: id=01-29360-filed

The sponsor is soliciting competitive applications from organizations to operate a Native American Business Development Center (NABDC) Program in the State of New Mexico. The sponsor has elected not to continue funding in 2002 for the operator and to re-compete this geographic service area.

The sponsor provides support to operate new and enhanced Native American Business Development Centers (NABDC) under its Native American Business Development Center Program. The program will provide general business assistance to Native American-owned companies in various markets throughout the United States.

The sponsor is especially interested in receiving innovative
Proposals that focus on the following: identifying and working to eliminate barriers which limit the access of Native American businesses to markets and capital; identifying and working to meet the special needs of Native American businesses seeking to obtain large-scale contracts (in excess of $500,000) with institutional customers; and promoting the understanding and use of Electronic Commerce by the Native American business community.
The NABDCs are required to perform work in four basic areas:
  • market building to identify, develop and leverage public and private sector resources and business opportunities for their clients;
  • client services to provide direct client assistance to Native American business enterprise in the basis of individualized professional engagements;
  • operational quality to maintain the efficiency and effectiveness of its overall operations as well as the quality of its client services;
  • and developing and maintaining a network of strategic partners.
Individuals eligible for assistance under the NABDC Program are Native Americans, African Americans, Puerto Ricans, Spanish-speaking Americans, Aleuts, Asian Pacific Americans, Asian Indians, Eskimos and Hasidic Jews.
Eligible applicants are for-profit and nonprofit organizations (including sole-proprietorships), state and local government entities, American Indian Tribes, and educational institutions. Although it is not necessary for the applicant to have an office in the geographic service area, the NABDC office must be strategically located in the geographic service area to ensure that it is close to the available public and private sector resources, within a reasonable commuting distance to the minority business community, and accessible to public transportation. The geographic service area is the state of New Mexico.

The sponsor anticipates that a total of approximately $188,000 will be available in FY 2002 for federal assistance under this program, based upon Native American population, the size of the market and its need for MBDA resources. The project period is three years. Source: Federal Register (11/26/01), Vol. 66, No. 227, pp. 58990-59000.

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Title: DOJ - BJS - Census of Tribal Justice Agencies in American Indian and Alaska Native Jurisdictions
Sponsor: Department of Justice

The sponsor provides funding to administer the census of tribal justice agencies in American Indian and Alaska Native jurisdictions. The survey will obtain baseline information about tribal justice agencies in Federally recognized American Indian tribes and Alaska Native villages. Both profit making and nonprofit organizations may apply. The sponsor anticipates making one award of up to $210,000.

Deadline(s): 01/07/2002
Contact: Marika Litras

Bureau of Justice Statistics

  810 Seventh Street
  Washington, DC 20531 USA
Web Site:
Program URL: id=01-29332-filed
Tel: 202-616-3497

The survey will obtain baseline information about tribal justice agencies in Federally recognized American Indian tribes and Alaska Native villages. Special emphasis will be made to identify the tribal justice forums used for resolving disputes, tribal court services and personnel, law enforcement agencies, record keeping, and crime reporting practices.


Both profit making and nonprofit organizations may apply. No fees may be charged against the project by profit making organizations.

The sponsor anticipates making one award of $210,000 for a twelve month period. Source: Federal Register (11/26/01). Vol. 66, No. 227, pp. 59030-31. (cmb)
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The interdisciplinary American Indian Studies program seeks to hire one faculty member beginning August 16, 2002. This position is an Assistant Professor position that encourages applicants from a number of disciplines.

Essential functions:
Participate in developing American Indian Studies program, conduct an active program of research and service to community, University, and profession, and teach American Indian Studies undergraduate courses, such as sovereignty, economic development, arts, languages and cultures, American Indian law and policy, and tribal management, and nation building (issues involving internal governance, community development, infrastructure of tribal governments, tribal-state relationships, and social, political, and economic issues within Indian nations and in relation to state and federal governments).
Qualifications required:
Ph.D. or terminal degree in American Indian Studies, humanities, or social sciences and specialty in one of the above-mentioned fields.
Experience working with American Indian nations, organizations, and students, including but not limited to those of the Southwest; and specialty in American Indian nation building and economic development.

Application deadline: January 18, 2002, for full consideration, or the 30th of every month thereafter until the position is filled.

The American Indian Studies program emphasizes American Indian sovereignty and the intellectual and applied study of American Indian law and policy; and nation building and economic development; and arts, languages and cultures.

To apply, please send a cover letter, current curriculum vitae, and three letters of reference to:

Chair, Search Committee, American Indian Studies,

PO Box 874603,

Arizona State University, Tempe AZ 85287-4603.

Arizona State University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer

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