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July 28, 2001 - Issue 41


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Favorite Sites


by Vicki Lockard from various sources


Cool Links Penguin


New Dawn of Tradition: A Wisconsin Powwow
Experience a Wisconsin powwow and learn about one aspect of Native American Culture through the New Dawn of Tradition video program and Web site. The resources on this Web site and the 15 minute instructional television program are designed for fourth and fifth grade students


The Ecology Fund
EcologyFund is owned and operated by as a way to get new funds for critical habitat and wilderness preservation using the power of the internet. When you "click to donate" our sponsors pay the project you selected to preserve the number of square feet shown by each project. You pay nothing.


The first section that we’ve launched is PreK/K (or our Preschool and Kindergarten section). There are all sort of fun and informative things there for busy little minds. We have designed that section of the site with a visual navigation so that they can explore with an adult or on their own.


Nutrition Explorations
The National Dairy Council sponsors this site. It highlights the programs the council produces for kids at different grade levels -- Chef Combo's Fantastic Adventures for kindergarten, Pyramid Cafe for second
grade, and Pyramid Explorations for fourth grade. KidsZone offers fun and games related to nutrition.

Kids Konnect
KidsKonnect is a valuable portal, created by educators, that allows children to safely and successfully explore the Internet.


Ethics in Computing
Ethics in Computing covers such broad topics as the basics, privacy, intellectual property, speech issues, social justice issues, commerce, risks, and computer abuse. The series of topics within each category link
to off-site articles and papers. A study guide and questions for discussion are provided for each area. Teachers will appreciate this rich resource when designing a study of ethics and technology to meet student
technology standards.


Looking for a new project? You've come to the right place! We've got a wealth of ideas for craft lovers of every stripe and skill level. So pick a project that appeals to you — and Discover Life's Little Pleasures.


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