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June 2, 2001 - Issue 37



Duane Maktima



Duane Maktima is a contemporary jewelry designer of Laguna Pueblo and Hopi descent. According to Duane's grandfather, the name 'Maktima' means "searching for eagles." His designs reflect his personal beliefs about the forward movement of Native Americans. Although traditional values and myths of the Southwestern Pueblo People influence the "Maktima style," other nuances are evident. As he says, "Strong influences in my work include Southwest Deco design, and-because I am part of a broader picture-Scandinavian design as well." Duane uses color and form to reiterate symbols of the ancient Southwest peoples to create designs that are simple and clean, and composed of geometric patterns of vivid color inlaid into gold and silver.

As founder and administrator of the Pueblo V Design Institute, and an owner/manager of the Duane Maktima Gallery, Duane's mission has been to advocate for the Pueblo cultures of the Southwest, and specifically their art forms. With more than 25 years of success and many awards for jewelry design, he sees himself as a role model and has mentored many students. Duane was honored in October, 1998 as a Distinguished Centennial Alumnus from Northern Arizona University.

The Pueblo V Design Institute, founded in 1997, provides professional and technical assistance, and advanced training to Southwest Pueblo artists and craftspeople. The Institute hosts professional workshops, primarily in jewelry and metalsmithing, taught by internationally renowned designers who have achieved success at the level of "masters" in their respective fields. Individuals who are already established and recognized artisans are selected as students.

The Institute is a source of values and imagery that enhances individual creativity, and strives to merge the new with the old, tradition with ingenuity, and to honor the unique Native experience of designers, artists and craftspeople.

For additional information, please write to the Pueblo V Design Institute,1611 Paseo de Peralta, Santa Fe, NM 87501 or contact the staff at the Duane Maktima Gallery.

Duane Maktima Gallery

"Soohs Tunatya"
Duane Maktima was a visiting artist to the Talahaftewa Creative Designs third workshop for the "Soohs Tunatya", or "Grandmother's Dream" program at Second Mesa recently. He instructed hollow-form techniques to eight Hopi silversmiths, introducing some interesting new methods, tools and their uses to the students.



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