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September 9, 2000 - Issue 18

Medicine Dream
thanks to Paul Pike for this information

Blend traditional native music.....inter-tribal drum....flute.....traditional native vocals.... with guitar and modern vocals and you have it!
Medicine Dream!
Singing the Healing Dream.

Take the drum journey - feel the earth, free the spirit and honor your ancestors - as you travel with the rhythms of Medicine Dream's Native drum. The intertribal group's synergy, 10 musicians strong, create a spiritual-musical fusion - each beat of the drum is salve for the soul.

Traditional native vocals and the ubiquitous drum are the core of the contemporary yet traditional group's music. Group leader Paul Pike passes on drum wisdom learned from Tlingit elder Walter Austin: "Everything is connected....Over generations, as people pass, their molecules go into the earth, nourish the trees that become the drum, as the four-legged animals become the drum. It is part of us in some way," said Pike. "The drum is a way of life, a connection, a is timeless.".....

Native band stands ground for sober living........

Group refuses to play in bar for radio show; show adjusts.
Native American musicians in the fledgling Anchorage band Medicine Dream share a dedication to clean and sober living. That commitment nearly cost them a once-in-a-lifetime chance to reach a national audience.

"West Coast Live" a public radio program reaching 600,000 listeners, invited Medicine Dream to play in its first broadcast from Alaska. But when told that they'd have to perform in a bar, band members turned down this shot at fame as a matter of spiritual scruples.

"Singing these songs in a bar would be like going to Mass drunk," said backup singer Michelle Ose.

Fast thinking - and a bit of last-minute bending on the part of the show's producers - found a way for the band to play without violating anyone's conscience. The happy ending was heard by thousands ............

Nominated for Best Pop/Rock Recording in this year's Native American Music Awards:

The captivating music of Medicine Dream combines rock and progressive sounds with Native American flute and traditional singing and drumming. Led by Paul Pike of the Mi'kmaq Nation, their intertribal sound is a tribute to the spirit of Native people everywhere. Mawio'mi combines rock and progressive sounds with traditional Native American vocals and instrumentation in twelve songs that express the beauty of the ancient ways. Songs include If We Were Wolves, Lightning Flashes the Sky, If you Dream of Eagles, True Friends and We Belong.

Listen to a clip from this album by clicking the link below

Medicine Dream



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