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May 20, 2000 - Issue 10

Favorite Sites
by Vicki Lockard from various sources

For the past nine years or so, I have been working away at documenting the
form of writing used by the First Nations during pre-Columbian times. A
friend helped me put together a web site on the topic, which is located at:
The Origins of Writing


An interesting aspect of American Indian history after contact with Europeans is the cultural appropriation of non-Indian technologies. The horse, gun powder, rifles, the written word, electricity and mechanization have all played a role in the way Indian Nations are organized, where they're located, and the way their citizens perceive the world.
Four Directions
to Making the Internet Indian


A comprehensive web directory presenting categorized information to Canadian Aboriginal, Native American Indian and International Indigenous sites on the world wide web.


The University of Victoria's Maltwood Museum and Art Gallery is proud to present its collection of Northwest Coast First Nations prints. Having 2000 prints in their collection, this website was established to make a small sample of this art globally accessible.
The goal is to present these images in a stimulating and informative manner through SchoolNet. The user will encounter the art in the form of a game: It is an educational art game. It will test the user's learning of the Northwest Coast First Nations peoples and their art.

It's Powwow Time!!
For the next two weeks, we are honored to share words from Arlie Neskahi, who has for the past 26 years been lead singer for the White Eagle Singers. Arlie also frequently serves as a powwow emcee, and is gracious to share with us some thoughts about powwow protocol and some of the types of songs and dance styles common to powwows in all regions of North America.
You can listen to the program from this site
Different Drums


This year, the First American Education Project, a non-profit organization founded by Tribal leaders will seek to educate the public about issues of importance to Indians and the general public.
First Americans Education Project


No matter what you like -- science and technology, art, business, politics, community service -- has something to offer you. We checked with kids and teens, and they said that these sites were the best in the government. We've listed the sites by subject matter, so search until you find something that interests you.
After School Websites for Kids and Teens


Welcome to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) Students' Classroom. We're glad you stopped by our site. Move your mouse around the classroom above and watch the chalkboard to see the different pages you can visit. Click on one when you're ready to try it out. You can also use the text links below.
National Center for Educational Statistics


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