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January 8, 2000

Havasupai-- Hamsii gadiiya
the brightest star Moon



"All things are connected. Whatever befalls the Earth befalls the children of the Earth."

Chief Seattle

Vote Now!!!!! for "Athlete of the Century"

ESPN is conducting an online vote for "Athlete of the Century." The voting is open until January 30th and the results will be announced during the Superbowl on January 30th. Currently, Michael Jordan is leading, with Jim Thorpe right behind him. Vote now and let's make this outstanding Native American the "Athlete of the Century!" read more

Featured Artist - Rance Hood

Rance Hood is one the few Native American artists who still paints in the manner which echoes the tradional Indian culture and spirituality of the past that has been drastically changed by the modern world. read more


Lawyer Who Swam Upstream
by Rob McDonald - Staff writer

Her great-grandmother told her stories about the young Salmon People. They swam to the ocean and to foreign lands and then returned home. They often became thin and bruised while traveling, but they always kept going. read more

News and Current Events


Program to Train More NA Teachers

Faced with teacher shortages in big cities and several academic specialties, school districts across the country have been hustling lately to sign up new recruits for the classroom. But at the same time, another teacher shortage has received little public attention--this one on Indian reservations, where on the average one teacher in three leaves every year, according to the American Indian College fund.
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What Does the Future Hold for Children?

The voices of children were in the background as Navajo Nation leaders discussed the future-and how that future will look for some of those same children. The lunchroom noise drowned out some of the discussion at the Tuba City Boarding School, as the meeting took place in a classroom adjoining the cafeteria. Nonetheless, a more appropriate setting would have been hard to find.

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The Century in Review

This century has marked incredible changes in the lives of Native peoples. As we approach a new millennium, we look back on some of the significant moments of the last hundred years. This series looks at a decade each issue for the next nine issues to provide a timeline that eventually covers the entire century.
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Museum Shows Pioneers From NA View

Once, more than 8,000 Native Americans of the Umatilla, Cayuse and Walla Walla tribes roamed a wonderland here on the Columbia River Plateau.
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Speed: He zones out on the slopes

When speed skier Ross Anderson reaches speeds of more 120 mph there is a calm that sweeps his body, an inner nirvana that provides him spiritual satisfaction and feeds his need for speed.
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The Mascot Issue - Some Progress

A trademark lawsuit victory against the Washington D.C. NFL team. The first ever U.S. Department of Justice probe into the mascot issue takes place at Erwin High, Asheville, North Carolina.
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Story: Turtle Flew South for the Winter read more

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