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My name is Vicki. I am from Louisiana, but have been lucky enough to live in 15 different states and Germany. Now, I am back in Louisiana. I love moving to different places because it gives me the chance to see how others live and I think it has given me a greater understanding of other cultures.

I have also been lucky because I have done many different things. I went back to college when my sons were in Jr. High, and earned my accounting degree. Then, after they were out of school, I went back to work on my Master's in Social Work. Right now, I spend most of my time working on Canku Ota.

I have two sons, Jamie and Chris. Jamie lives in Mississippi, with my grandson, Taylor . Chris and his wife, Brittany live in Baton Rouge.., where he is works as a chef.

My favorite things to do, besides work on Canku Ota, are going to Pow Wows, visiting with good friends, and cooking. Lately, due to a desire to get healthier, I have been cooking a lot of low fat/low sodium meals. I'll be sharing some of them with you.

When I was a girl, I use to spend most of my summer in Mississippi. My grandparents had a big farm so I was able to roam and explore. I also have a huge family with over 50 first cousins!!! It can be very noisy when we all get together.

I also loved to go to school. My favorite classes were history and English. Math and I didn't always get along, but I was always stubborn enough to figure it out. My very favorite teacher was in second grade. Her name was Mrs. Pourcieu and she taught us "Cajun" French, along with the regular subjects.

I am the editor of Canku Ota. It takes a lot to get just one issue out, but we have fun doing it. My favorite parts of working on the issues are writing articles and putting it all together, so that it looks right. It takes us two weeks just to do one issue!!! I hope that you enjoy reading and learning from Canku Ota as much as I enjoy creating it.

Vicki (Garnet1654)

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